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  1. Building Your Personal Brand With Andrea Javor And Michael Hedgpeth

    Want to be a change agent inside your organization? Your "personal brand" is a critical factor in your success. Being considered relevant both inside and outside of your organization gives weight to your opinions and recommendations, and will directly influence the impact you have. Guests Andrea Javor (Beam Suntory) and Michael Hedgpeth (NCR) discuss methods on growing your brand, without self-aggrandizing boasts or claims of "thought leadership".

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  2. Herding Code 217: Nick Craver on Stack Overflow Engineering

    The guys talk to Nick Craver about all the magic behind the scenes at StackExchange global headquarters.

    Download / Listen: Herding Code 217: Nick Craver on Stack Overflow Engineering

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  3. Håkan Forss and the Toyota Kata metaprocess | Boss Level

    This episode is about the simple, but powerful concept of Toyota Kata and how it’s applied at the gaming company King. I’m interviewing Håkan Forss, an agile coach, working for King in Stockholm.

    This episode is the end of Season 1 of Boss Level. The next episode will be out on the 14th of March 2016.

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  4. Henrik Kniberg and how to help your kids win robot battles | Boss Level

    Today my guest is Henrik Kniberg. Henrik is well known for his books and for his work with Spotify, Lego and many others.

    Henrik works through Crisp, a Swedish consultancy that has published their company DNA online. The DNA consists of all the essential principles, processes and agreements with which the company operates.

    We discuss the unorthodox organizational model at Crisp, Henrik’s work with his clients, and how his kids, aged 10 and 11, won a robot battle against teams of professional programmers.

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  5. Show 46 – Big Mistakes with Brent Ozar | SQL Server Radio

    Download Episode (mp3) A few weeks ago, Brent Ozar flew over to Israel for SQLSatursday, so we took the opportunity to get together and have a fun

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  6. Eric Ries of The Lean Start Up - EntrepreneurOnFire Business Podcasts

    Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup".

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  7. DevOps Cafe Ep. 61 - Guest: Jody Mulkey — DevOps Cafe Podcast — Overcast

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  8. Finding your professional tribe in IT – Episode 62 | The Geek Whisperers

    Matt Simmons, @StandaloneSA This week we spoke about IT tribes with Matt Simmons, university sysadmin, blogger, subreddit moderator, and LISA program

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  9. Wondering what great agile testing looks like? Take a listen… : agile

    reddit: the front page of the internet

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  10. 065 JOHN HANLON REMEMBERS | The ProArms Podcast

    The ProArms crew is proud to bring you an interview with one of the survivors of the cataclysmic gunfight that occurred in a southern Miami suburb now known as Pinecrest, 25 years ago this coming April 11.

    New information continues to emerge from this extremely complicated engagement. It had been reported that Hanlon had passed out from loss of blood after being wounded and seeing his companions killed alongside him, but we now learn from the man himself that he never lost consciousness.

    In the moments before the shooting erupted, while Hanlon was trying to force the suspects’ car off the road from the left side, Agent Richard Manauzzi had rammed the fugitive vehicle from behind, spinning it out of control. Mas had reported back in the ‘80s that Manauzzi had done so to keep either of them from shooting Hanlon or his partner Ed Mireles, but Hanlon reveals that Manauzzi had actually seen suspect Michael Platt raising his rifle toward Hanlon and Mireles. In risking his own life to ram them, Manauzzi probably saved the lives of the agents. Without that action, the fatalities on the FBI side would likely have doubled. We are pleased to be the venue in which this important information was revealed.

    Steve and Mas, two of our ProArms members with many years in law enforcement, both feel that Hanlon’s comments about the character needed for the job should be played to police recruits on their first day at the Academy.

    All of us salute the eight courageous agents, living and dead, whose selfless actions brought to an end the long, murderous rampage of Michael Platt and William Matix, and we particularly thank retired Special Agent John Hanlon for sharing his recollections and observations with us and our listeners. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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