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  1. Tech Weekly podcast: The Social Network — our verdict on the Facebook film

    We review The Social Network - an unflattering account of Mark Zuckerberg as he set up Facebook. Or is it? Also as personal details of thousands are leaked online, what could happen to ACS:Law? And our first hands on with the Windows Phone 7 OS.

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  2. Tech Weekly: What next for online music?

    On the eve of the latest iPod launch, will the company be able to maintain its influence as artists and publishers increasingly turn from iTunes to streaming services and music apps?

    Join Aleks Krotoski, Jemima Kiss and Charles Arthur as they tackle the latest news from the world of technology. On this week’s programme, they look at the evolution of the online music scene. Apple launches its new iPod on Wednesday in the face of the lowest quarter of sales since 2006, and the device appears to be in terminal decline. How will it maintain its influence as artists and publishers increasingly turn from iTunes downloads to streaming services such as Spotify and We7 and music apps?

    Charles exposes the problems inherent in the software patent system in light of the lawsuits served up against companies like Google, Facebook and eBay from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Interval Licensing and the team look at the problems and the benefits of open source for local government.

    Finally, gamesblogger Keith Stuart speaks with Tim Clark from about the innovations in marketing and distributing digital content that the games industry has been perfecting in the past few years, and what this could mean for the wider digital media sector.

    All this plus a healthy dose of opinion – and outtakes – on Tech Weekly.

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