Merlin Mann: Productivity Demiurge (or) My Job Isn’t Abusive, I Just Ran Into The Door

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  1. EP16: Erik Fisher - Personal Productivity that Goes Beyond the To Do List | Empoweringthe80Percent

    The 16th episode of the Empowered Podcast features a live interview from the New Media Expo floor with productivity expert and author, Erik Fisher. Erik will share the #1 killer of productivity. He’ll teach us how to overcome productivity killers, he’ll educate us on his love of bacon, and he will give one of the best productivity tips of all time.

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  2. No. 6 - Note-Taking and The Zettelkasten in The Productivity Podcast

    Listen and download The Productivity Podcast’s episodes for free. In this episode I discuss my experience with the niche and extremely powerful note-taking system known as the Zettelkasten. The system is used to orga…

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  3. The Productivity Project

    Why Chris took a year out of his life to experiment with productivity The problem of “productivity porn” How Chris defines productivity Why you need to move beyond productivity as time management Why having a “why” is the most important step in becoming productive How to measure productivity in the knowledge economy Why busyness is the same as laziness How to figure out what’s truly important to work on How to manage the stuff you can’t delegate or eliminate Why you need to implement a Maintenance Day into your week Why you need a messy room to be more creative Why multi-tasking is your biggest productivity killer The Rule of Three ritual you should do at the start of every day How to beat procrastination Why you need to make friends with your future self How to figure out when your energy prime time is Why you don’t have to be an early riser to be a success Why you may have to change your approach to productivity as your life changes How to manage your attention


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  4. This Tiny Mindset Shift Tripled My Productivity

    // Follow the link to learn more about online privacy settings: // This is the first time I’ve talked about the theory of relative productivity.

    If you listen and apply the principles in this video, I’m confident it can make you more productive. Productivity isn’t about getting things done, it’s about getting the right things done.

    0:00 My Productivity Mistake 1:25 Free Online Privacy Tool 2:37 Understanding Opportunity Cost 4:19 The Hidden Opportunity Cost Of Time 5:20 Visualising Relative Productivity 7:53 The Myth Of Objective Productivity 9:25 Summarising Theory Of Relative Productivity

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