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  1. How To Handle Meeting Killers - The Dominator | Manager Tools

    This guidance recommends how to address behaviors in meetings that reduce meeting effectiveness.

    A recent WSJ article headlined "Meet The Meeting Killers" talked about how different behaviors in meetings can ruin the meeting. It's in the 15 May 2012 edition, and is available to non-subscribers, at least for a time.

    This is our answer to those behaviors. And, we'll address both running meetings of your team, and cross-functional meetings, where you have less direct authority.

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  2. Effective Meetings Starter Model - Part 1 | Manager Tools

    This cast describes an even more basic model for effective meetings than in our original guidance.

    We all go to lots of meetings, and most of them are terrible. They start late, they don't have an agenda, they get off track, they waste time. They finish late, but you can't leave early even if you have another meeting. Why is it that a meeting leader gets to stare daggers at someone who leaves when the meeting's supposed to be over, even though she didn't have a plan, didn't structure the time, and didn't cut off the same two people who like to bloviate?

    And yet, even though many professionals beg us to solve their meeting purgatory, when we ask them, many say, I haven't done the whole effective meetings thing, either. We've been thinking about why, and asking folks why they haven't. A lot of you have been telling us that there's too much on the list.

    So, we've shortened the list for all those of you who think that our previous prescription was too much to ask. But after this, you're on your own. ;-)

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  3. Merlin Mann on Time & Attention (Google Tech Talk)

    March, 31 2008

    Merlin Mann is the creator of the Getting Things Done oriented web site and a GTD Guru in his own right. He came and did a tech talk last summer called Inbox Zero which was packed, and can be seen at (and is highly recommended). This time Merlin is coming in to talk to us about time and attention, and how to maximize both.

    If you think you don't have time to come to this tech talk, then you are likely one of the people who needs it most!

    Speaker: Merlin Mann Creator of the 43 folders GTD focused web site and several others. Also regular on the This Week in Tech podcast and Macbreak weekly.

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  4. The School Leadership Show: Strategies for Managing Your Time and Attention

    In this episode I interview writer, speaker, and broadcaster Merlin Mann. We talk about managing all of the inputs that come your way.  We go into great depth on managing email and working toward what Merlin has coined “inbox zero.”  We also talk about strategies for managing your time and attention in order to set yourself up for doing your best, most creative work.  To learn more about Merlin and his work visit Enjoy this interview with Merlin Mann.

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