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  1. Let’s Talk About… Our Teammates – firecrackers

    Building a strong team culture is imperative to each successful season.  Having a  genuine interest in your teammates will directly affect your own success, increase team camaraderie as a whole, and i

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  2. AOTC 52: Hitting Round Table with Doug Latta, Curt Nelson, and Cody Atkinson

    Doug Quotes We dont chase results. We chase the ability to move in balance and take an effortless swing. The human body is the strongest and most efficient in a position of balance. Curt Quotes The more information we can spread about good swings, the more our game is going to progress in the right direction and especially for the players which is what its all about. Timing is the most important thing, always Cody Atkinson We’ve got to learn to time for best fastball and adjust on the fly without taking panic swings. An athlete will self organize if you give them the right things to focus on.

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  3. AOTC 45: Rob Cooper- Head Baseball Coach, Penn State University

    It pays to be a winner. And it pays to be a loser too, just not the kind of payment you want. Competing does not just mean competing against another person, its also competing against yourself to get better. You may be having a bad day but Ken (Ravizza) used to say all the time to “Give me 100% of your 50% today.” Thats competing. You’re making the choice to compete even though you don’t feel great, The power of choice is always there. The great ones make the right choices. We believe that failure is an opportunity to learn. If something is hard that means only a few people are doing it. Lets just say the kids today are different, well what if they are? Its our job as coaches to adapt and coach them.

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  4. TPD 156 - Merlin Mann “An Old Man’s Reframe”

    For the 4 year anniversary episode of TPD, it was my pleasure to have been joined by one of my favorite podcasters of all time - Merlin Mann!  I talk with Merlin about his history in podcasting, working with his co-hosts, the difference in his shows and some of his favorite podcasts!   If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting TPD on Patreon! Links Merlin Mann (Twitter) (Blog) 43 Folders 

    Getting Things Done, by David Allen Macbreak Weekly Ep. 7 Merlin’s Podstand Reconciliable Differences Ep. 2 Merlin’s Cat You Look Nice Today "Parlor Parlor" John Roderick Interview You Look Nice Today Roderick on the Line Back to Work Reconciliable Differences Do by Friday

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  5. AOTC 37: Trent Otis- Co-Founder of Zona Baseball Instruction (AZ)

    3 years into coaching I tried to forget everything I knew about hitting. Now I try and continue to make sure everything I do makes sense, is backed up by video and biomechanical movement. There’s a better way to develop players in a team setting. We want our swing to be such that we launch it based on reaction, not anticipation. We chart everything in batting practice. I want every training session to be harder than what you are going to see in a game. Our number one goal as hitting coaches: We have to make players successful in the game, not just in practice. Sometimes what you feel isn’t real Resources Anson Dorrance Eugene Bleecker Ryan Parker #hittingtwitter Dustin Linds Hitting Drive Craig Hyatt Joan Vickers- Perception, cognition and decision training Contact @zona_baseball Zona Baseball Instruction Favorite resource for less than $100 Mirrors PVC Pipes Therabands Shortbats

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  6. Q15 Gametime w/ Steve Springer

    Hitting is about the approach, the mind and then the mechanics. This short audio pep-talk is a great way to get your mind right before every season, game and at-bat.

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  7. Cole Wagner, Little League World Series phenom, and his dad Brett, uncle Kyle & cousin Luke from GoWags, Mark & Zach Knull are “Standing in the Strike Zone,” plus Justin Stone of - Youth Baseball Talk | Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS

    Episode 24 – USA Champion Little League World Series phenom Cole Wagner with his dad/coach Brett, uncle Kyle, and cousin Luke from GoWags and Green Light Hitting. Cole (as a player) and Brett (as a coach) represented the USA in the Little League World Series championship game as a part of the Mid Atlantic Red Lakes region (Pennsylvania). Find the Wagner family at or or on Facebook at This week’s ‘Standing in the Strike Zone’ guests are Mark and Zach Knull, also from the GoWags and Green Light Hitting programs in Pennsylvania. As always, Justin Stone is with us for his “Elite Baseball TV Training Tip of the Week” – be sure to check out his accompanying video at You can find Justin Stone at or and on Facebook at or on Twitter at @elite_baseball and tons of great videos on YouTube at Plus, find Youth Baseball Talk at or or @podcastbaseball on Twitter.

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  8. YBE 073: #FridayFielders Foundations with Kai Correa - Youth Baseball Edge

    Kai Correa, assistant coach at the University of Northern Colorado and creator of the fantastic #FridayFielders series on Twitter, lays down the foundations we should be teaching to young players and presents a ton of ideas for how to teach them. This is Part 2 of a two-part interview. Missed Part 1? Catch it here.

    In this 32-minute episode, you’ll learn:

    how to decide which player should play which infield position

    whether young players should learn to play shortstop even if they don’t currently look ready for it

    a better way to play catch

    how to improve hands for fielding, handling hops and transfers

    why you shouldn’t start your fielding work with live ground balls

    9 variations for dry fundamentals to keep them interesting for young players

    3 variations for playing catch

    a three-stage progression for dry work, the three types of grounders to work them on, and the goal of this dry work

    the key principle to teach kids how to throw from different arm slots

    an easy drill to help kids learn how to throw from different arm slots

    what’s wrong with the fielding cue “get your butt down” and what’s a better cue

    what’s wrong with the fielding cue “gator jaw” and what to teach instead

    when and how to work on specialty plays like double plays

    how to convert catch play and dry work into competitive games

    an example of how to get a lot done in a small indoor space

    Resources mentioned in this episode:

    Small space drills

    funnels and press-throughs

    #FridayFielders on Twitter… get great stuff like chin down at catch

    A picture of Adrian Beltre throwing off-balance. As Kai mentioned, if you print out the picture and rotate it so he’s upright instead of off-balance, you can show your players how Beltre is actually still in the fundamentally correct throwing position, even though he is off-balance

    Right-click on this link and ‘Save as…’ to download this episode.

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  9. Pillar #5: Sail the Right Ships

    12 Ways to have winning relationships

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  10. Pillar #4: Know Your Numbers

    8 benefits of being data informed

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