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  1. Connected #65: The iPad Pro Review - Relay FM

    Federico talks to Myke and Stephen about the iPad Pro.

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  2. H.I. #49: Rabble-Rousing

    Grey & Brady discuss: London thinks about handicapping Uber, Swamphen and Rice Rat numbers, Brady just can’t stop thinking about the Apple Watch, elevator design, continued developments in #Hotstoppergate, the discovery of water on Mars (again?), bi-weekly weigh in, the Cyprus flag, grasshopper penises, and reviews of The Martian and Everest.

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    Show Notes:

    Discuss this episode on the reddit

    Uber faces crackdown in London.

    Team Swamphen

    Team Rice Rat

    Brady: The Science of Druming

    Formula One Gloves

    HI 36 Apple Watch discussion before the Apple Watch was out

    42mm Saddle Brown Classic Buckle

    HI visits the Magna Carta

    Dumb elevator numbering

    Audrey cute harassment

    Give to hotstopper awareness

    Réunion Swamphen - Hotstopper Awareness auction

    Hotstopper Awareness

    Children’s Burn Trust

    Chronology of discoveries of water on Mars

    CGP Grey weigh-in

    Flag of Cyprus

    Grasshopper penis (NSFG!)


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  3. Borderline Episode 67: First Blood Fourth Beer | The Daily Dangle

    Nate, Brent, & Kate talk to @ruinedpicnic about making laptop movies, having two brains, and Kate gives a quiz on current events.

    Theme music by our friend Ashley. Check out her stuff at:

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  4. Upgrade #56: The Migration Experience - Relay FM

    This week Jason and Myke share their iPhone 6S/6S Plus upgrade experiences, and give their first impressions of the new iPhone 6S features.

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  5. Reconcilable Differences #10: That Darn Cat - Relay FM

    The boys settle into a detailed exploration of "Merlin’s world of music." From AM radio (through a pillow speaker) to abortive accordion and trombone lessons to impersonating Pete Townsend through the Bacon Ray years.

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  6. Mac Power Users #276: Workflows with Matt Alexander - Relay FM

    Matt Alexander joins Katie and David to discuss how a tech geek becomes and entrepreneur and uses his skills as a founder and CEO of multiple successful businesses.

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  7. Reconcilable Differences #8: Devouring Essence

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  8. Mac Power Users #264: Workflows with John Gruber - Relay FM

    Katie and David sit down with John Gruber of Daring Fireball to discuss the origins of his site, how he finds and publishes the news and how he uses his Mac and iOS.

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  9. Welcome to Macintosh | 5: Rumors

    The Apple rumor mill.

    GuestsJason Snell@jsnellSix ColorsRick LePage@rlepageJohn Moltz@moltzVery Nice WebsiteMark Gurman@markgurman9to5MacRob McGinley Myers@robmcmyersAnxious MachineReferencesApple introduces MacBook at the March 9th, 2015 EventMacWEEK MagazineMac the KnifeCrazy Apple Rumors SiteQuicktime Live Attendees Wish Schiller had Pled the Fifth (Crazy Apple Rumors Site)Crazy Apple Rumors Site shutting downTim Cook at AllThingsD Conference in 2012Gurman’s scoop on the 12" MacBookGurman’s first big findJohn Gruber on the podcast Tomorrow with Joshua TopolskyRob McGinley Myers’ excellent Anxious Machine podcast.MusicThe theme music is by Terique Greenfield.Ad music is by Kebu.Scoring for this episode is by the mysterious & wonderful Breakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Unread: an RSS reader by Supertop 🐙 ICONIC: a photographic tribute to Apple Innovation. Use offer code ‘MACFM’ to save 10% and get free shipping on a special edition.Listeners like you on Patreon. Thank you. 


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  10. Special 2: The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann

    In August 2012, Brett interviewed Merlin Mann on the now-legendary 6th

    episode of Systematic. Thus was a trilogy born. From processes to pills and

    apps to naps, one of Systematic’s signature returning-guest series was


    Using the latest in bleeding-edge digital technology, we have restored

    these episodes to the original creative vision that was literally,

    figuratively, and metaphysically impossible at the time.

    We’ve gone all the way back to the original masters, removing and modifying

    content (ads) that distracts from the auteur’s intent. What results is a

    bespoke, artisanal product unlike any in the crowded Merlin Mann Podcast

    market today.

    This presentation of The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann includes bonus,

    never-before-heard, ultra-exclusive deleted content, presented in the most

    ridiculous and semi-obtrusive way possible that does not involve a Blu-ray


    Special Thanks to George Lucas, the Fair Use Clause, The United States of

    America, and The Merlin Mann Trust.

    Artwork Sacrilege performed by Philip Mozolak


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