In Conversation with Adam Phillips, Author of ‘The Cure for Psychoanalysis’

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Watch Josh Cohen in conversation with Adam Phillips about his book ‘The Cure for Psychoanalysis’. This is a recording of a live event which took place at Confer-Karnac, London, on Saturday 15th January 2022.

‘The Cure for Psychoanalysis’ contains two brilliant essays by one of the foremost thinkers in the field of psychoanalysis. In the first essay, ‘The Magic of Winnicott,’ Adam Phillips makes clear the subtlety and wisdom of Winnicott’s concept of play. In ‘The Cure for Psychoanalysis’ he works through psychoanalytic theories about cure and instructs us to take most seriously those that free the analyst and patient to wonder and to take pleasure in the unknowable adventure ahead of them.

These two thought-provoking writings frame a discussion between the author and Edward Corrigan, analyst and friend, which offers an intimate portrait of two analysts in conversation, thoughtfully reflecting on traditions that inform Phillips’ practice and prolific works. This record of ‘A Day with Adam Phillips’ at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York includes questions and commentaries which demonstrate the creative and open expression encouraged by an…

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