CARM - Land (feat. Justin Vernon) - official video

The first single from the debut album, out 22 Jan 2021 with 37d03d

Directed/Edited by Isaac Gale Cinematography: CJ Camerieri, Justin Vernon, Chris Bierden, Rob Moose, Gabe Cabezas, Millie Staveley-Taylor Assistant VFX: Joe Midthun AR: OREILLY Filter by David O’Reilly

"The song title’s reference to stable ground is upended as reality is seen slipping away and replaced by manipulations or mediations. Against the backdrop of today’s political, economic, and environmental climate, the material world is distorted beyond recognition and the “screen” has become our most reliable means of community and communication, acting as an interface between us and lived reality. Closing with the line "all is all of it now," the song gives expression to the contemporary experience of totalizing media and the enduring desire for finding connection to others in a world that privileges other values." - CARM

CARM is the debut self-titled album of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and arranger CJ Camerieri. Whether it’s playing the iconic piccolo trumpet solo on Paul Simon’s “The Boxer;” anthemic horn parts on songs like The National’s “Fake Empire,” Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago,” or Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago;” performing with his contemporary classical ensemble yMusic; or recording lush bed…

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