3(+1) Humiliations To The World View Of Humans - Sigmund Freud, Darwin and Copernicus

Throughout history the world views of humans got destroyed several times : Copernicus, Darwin and Freud.

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Script : Hi ! My Name Is Jan, and today i want to talk about the 3 big humiliations to the world view of humans humanity witnessed. Credit where credit is due : this idea isn´t mine, it is one of Sigmund Freuds. Enjoy !

First we have to look at the starting position : the medival christian worldview. The earth is the middle of the solar system and the middle of the universe. The human is made by god, we are the ruler of earth, the most important subject on the most important object. This zentrist and egoistical view gets destroyed the first time through astronomy. Copernicus discovered that the sun, not the earth was the middle of the solar system. But if you aren´t in the center, how can you be important ? Now the human is only part of a gigantic creation. But he is still the pinnacle of that. The likeness of god. More than an animal, the species which is commissioned by god to design the earth. But is that true ? Darwin and Wallace dispute that claim with the theory of evolution. The human is only an intelligent animal with a large brain – nothing less, nothing more. Not send directly by god. Not assigned to rule over planet earth. Just a better …

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