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  1. Clockwise #197: So Much of Your Life is a Lie - Relay FM

    Net neutrality, brain-training games, wireless charging, and our camera-filled future.

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  2. Presentable #5: The Color Show - Relay FM

    Special guest Craig Hockenberry, bigwig at the IconFactory and creator of Twitterrific, joins the show to go deep on color.

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  3. Upgrade #79: Turkey Dinner Pizza - Relay FM

    Guest John Siracusa joins Jason to talk about HDTV, the future of the Mac, and pizza.

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  4. Material #19: The Great Nexus Race - Relay FM

    Shots were fired. Plans drafted. Entire battles won & lost. But in the end there could be only one winner in the Great Nexus 6P Race. Who you ask? Well you’ll have to tune in and find out. Come for the race coverage, stay for our thoughts on the Nexus 6P.

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  5. Rocket #20: The Hiking Simulator - Relay FM

    This week Brianna and Simone are joined by John Siracusa. They talk about the potential future of virtual reality in gaming and computing, strings of text that can crash iMessage, and have a spoiler-free discussion of ‘Tomorrowland’.

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  6. B-Sides #2: Calendaring with Federico - Relay FM

    Viticci sends an .ics.

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