100 sec 006 • It’s DOCTOR Biden, you moron.

My name is Andreas Ekström. I am a speaker, a writer and a tiny tiny youtuber, apparently… Every weekday of January, I will share with you what is currently on my mind. Some things that tend to be on my mind: society, culture, life, arts and aaaaaall things digital. Shoot me an email if you wish to book me! Or just tell me in what interesting way I might be wrong.

And when you are done with these 100 seconds, take another 300 and have a look at this. You know, for context: https://jasonmkelly.com/jason-m-kelly/2021/1/7/this-didnt-come-out-of-nowhere

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAHmvxY6_Qg
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