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  1. Tech & Society with Mark Zuckerberg: On technology and law

    Mark kicks off the series with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain at Mark’s alma mater. They cover everything from encryption and privacy to misinformation and future research area, all in front of a special audience — Zittrain’s students.

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  2. Tech & Society with Mark Zuckerberg: On journalism, privacy and regulation

    Mark sits down with Mathias Dopfner — the CEO of the largest news publisher in Europe, Axel Springer — in Berlin. They answer questions like: What role does quality journalism play in building informed communities? What principles should Facebook use for building a dedicated area to surface more high quality news? They also talk about the privacy-focused vision Mark laid out for the future of social networking and his ideas for internet regulation.

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  3. Instrumental Instruments – The Fairlight | Red Bull Radio

    JJ Jeczalik and Com Truise feature as Jordan Rothlein looks at the game-changing, awesomely retro sampler and synthesizer.


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  4. Former Obama White House Photographer Throws ‘Shade’ At Trump | Here & Now

    Pete Souza has 2 million Instagram followers, and since President Trump took office, Souza has used the platform to comment on the administration.


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  5. Song Exploder | The Daily

    Breaking down the theme song for The New York Times’ podcast The Daily.


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  6. Livet i livmodern 24 december 2017 kl 20:00 - Elektroniskt i P2 | Sveriges Radio

    Elektroniskt i P2 tar fasta på julens budskap: Ett barn är fött! Vi gräver oss tillbaka in i livmodern, och utforskar förlösande ljud och känslor.


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  7. Elektroniskts nyårsspecial från Radiohuset i Malmö 31 december 2017 kl 20:00 - Elektroniskt i P2 | Sveriges Radio

    Fira nyår med oss! Malmöredaktionen gör en grande final och summerar både 2017 och flera decennier av radiomakande. Inför publik, i Radiohuset i Malmö! …


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  8. The Man Who Sold the Moon

    After a two year hiatus, I’ve restarted my podcast! It’s my New Year’s resolution.

    Here’s part one of my reading (MP3) of The Man Who Sold the Moon, my award-winning novella first published in 2015’s Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future, edited by Ed Finn and Kathryn Cramer. It’s my Burning Man/maker/first days of a better nation story and was a kind of practice run for my 2017 novel Walkaway.

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  9. PK Debatt Quick

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  10. PK Prisutdelning 25/5/2015

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