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  1. Canvas #43: iOS 11 Notes - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico take a look at the changes coming to one of the most-used applications in iOS: Apple Notes.

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  2. Canvas #46: Versions - Relay FM

    Making, accessing and using versions of files is something that has been built into some iOS apps for a while now but few know how to access the feature.

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  3. Canvas #48: Long-form Writing in Scrivener - Relay FM

    We continue with our mini-series on long-form writing apps with a look at Scrivener.

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  4. Canvas #47: Long-form Writing in Ulysses - Relay FM

    In this first episode of a mini-series on long-form writing on iOS, Fraser and Federico go deep on one of their favourite applications: Ulysses.

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  5. Canvas #45: Files and File Providers in iOS 11 - Relay FM

    With iOS 11 released, apps are starting to receive updates to be compatible with features like the new Files app. In this episode, Fraser and Federico dig into what’s possible for cloud storage.

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  6. Canvas #44: Getting Ready for iOS 11 - Relay FM

    In this solo episode, Fraser shares information about iOS storage management, backup and OS updating in preparation for iOS 11.

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  7. Planet Money: #790: Rough Translation in Ukraine

    If fake news feels like a big problem, go to Ukraine. They’ve been dealing with it way longer than America, in much higher doses. We find out how to adapt when news gets weaponized.


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  8. Canvas #42: iOS 11 - Multitasking - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico resolve their differences over another major iOS 11 feature: Multitasking.

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  9. No Agenda Episode 955 - “Outrage Addition”


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  10. 128: The Issue of Trust with Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson, research lecturer in Philosophy at Utrecht in the Netherlands, joins me to talk about tagging. It’s a nerdy subject that a lot of non-nerds are asking about these days, and one that I personally find fascinating. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing two people who’ve dedicated time and research to the topic debate the major benefits and pitfalls of tag-based systems!

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    Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson on Twitter

    Joel Anderson at Utrecht

    Tags or folders? Depends on the file.

    Dr. Bunsen



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    Creating Flow with Omnifocus Second Edition


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