Trying out the new Signature Jeff Loomis pedal from AllPedal called "DEVILS TRIAD" a pedal that contains an overdrive, a boost, delay AND reverb. Run it in 4-cable method with your amplifier.

DISCLAIMER: Allpedals sent me this pedal for me to try out, and it will be sent back after the demo has been made. I'm not getting paid to make the demo. Allpedals don't have any saying on how I make my video or what I say in the video.

0:00 - Intro 1:03 - Pedal Overview 2:09 - 4-Cable Method 3:04 - Overdrive 3:26 - Boost 3:48 - Delay and Reverb 4:30 - Overdrive Part II 5:38 - Boost Part II 6:54 - Delay and Reverb Part II 11:44 - Closing Thoughts 13:19 - Outro

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