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Eye doctors Dr. Rani Banik and Dr. Jennifer Tsai debunk 13 myths about vision. They explain what 20/20 really means, why you should always wear your glasses, and what blue light really does to your eyes. They also talk about whether eye exercises work — plus when you should start to worry about dry eye.

Banik is a neuro-ophthalmologist based in New York City. She specializes in treating headaches and migraines. You can learn more about her work here: https://www.instagram.com/dr.ranibanik/

Tsai is an optometrist based in New York City. She is also a healthcare consultant and advisor. You can learn more about her work here: https://www.drjennifertsai.com/about

0:00 Intro 0:32 20/20 means you have perfect vision 1:16 Blue light will damage my eyes 2:58 You will lose your vision as you age 4:22 LASIK means no glasses forever 4:46 Color blindness = seeing in black and white 6:12 Eye exercises will improve your vision 7:34 Wearing glasses will make your vision worse 8:15 Dry eyes aren't very serious 9:42 If you sneeze with your eyes open, they'll pop out 10:50 Contact lenses can get lost behind your eye 11:42 Sunglasses aren't necessary 13:13 Floaters are always harmless 14:28 Two blue-eyed parents can't have a brown-eyed kid

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