Seiza: Why You Should Learn Japanese Formal Sitting

Our program for improving mobility and moving better 👉

00:00 What is seiza? Time for a Japanese lesson! 00:46 Why the heck would you want to sit this way? 02:04 The proper feet position for sitting comfortably 02:30 3 fists-width is the magic measurement 03:00 ⚠️ Don’t do these two things! 04:08 Another reason for doing seiza correctly 04:38 A drill to practice improving your mobility for seiza 06:53 Practice this variation for even added flexibility 07:46 Combo time! Putting seiza into motion 09:13 Practice daily 👉

Otsukaresama deshita! That’s Japanese for "thanks for watching today’s video and you look fantastic!" ;)

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