What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #203

Date: 2019-03-24

Topics: How the Religion of Atheism is destroying Human Freedom, the Hegelian Dialectic, Religion is the One and Only Problem of Humanity, the definition of Religion, Religion as a method of Mind Control, the Psychological Schism, the Characteristics of Chronic Left-Brain Dominance, the Characteristics of Chronic Right-Brain Dominance, the Divide & Conquer Manipulation Technique, the Worldview Schism, the Imbalanced Worldview of Randomness and the traits and behaviors to which it leads, the Imbalanced Worldview of Determinism and the traits and behaviors to which it leads, Knowledge as the ultimate Savior of Humanity, Polarization Dialectics, Religion vs. Atheism as a Polarization Dialectic, the Worldview Characteristics of Religionists, the Worldview Characteristics of Atheists, Natural Law as the Key to Human Freedom, the Center Path, the Way Out of Polarization Dialectics, the Worldview of Simple Deism, Scientism, the Inconsistency of Atheism with the Scientific Method, Natural Law as a Science of Morality, the Law of Freedom, the Etymological Root of the word "Natural," Atheists in the Freedom Movement subscribe to the same ideology that drives Nazism, Marxism, Socialism and Communism, Why Atheism always leads to the Destruction of Freedom, Atheism’s direct relationship to…

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