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  1. Why My Phone Should Turn Off the Stove

    With the momentum of green design, new technologies and applications are continuously being developed to assist in sustainable living. A large percentage of your energy consumption is in the home, majorly impacting your individual carbon footprint. By monitoring home energy consumption in real time with a web or mobile application users can pinpoint vampire devices, times of high or low consumption, and wasteful patterns of energy use. This presentation will explore the available web, mobile, and touch screen applications for monitoring energy consumption and automating the home that are currently on the market. After identifying components of successful applications the presentation will cover why designing a strong user experience will make total home management applications a convenient tool, motivating the user to make adjustments, and change their consumption behaviors. An intuitive application will help users to quickly understand their usage habits by clearly identifying total consumption as well as individual device consumption. Specific examples will prove why great design equates to more security, big environmental impact, and even bigger savings.



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  2. Living on Earth: The Legacy of David Suzuki

    Over the span of a lifetime, the world’s population has tripled and consumption has become a way of life. David Suzuki reflects on these changes in his new book “The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision for Our Sustainable Future.” He tells host Steve Curwood that the path to a sustainable future is to stop elevating economy over ecology and to start imagining a brighter future.


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  3. SE-Radio Episode 295: Michael Feathers on Legacy Code : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 295: Michael Feathers on Legacy Code

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    on June 27, 2017


    Felienne talks with Michael Feathers about Legacy Code. When is something legacy? Is working on legacy different from working on greenfield code? Do developers need different skills and techniques? Testing legacy code. How to test a legacy system? When do we have enough tests to feel safe to start coding? Techniques to make legacy systems more testable.


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    http://traffic.libsyn.com/seradio/SE-Radio-Episode-295-Michael-Feathers-on-Legacy-Code.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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  4. Bryan Loritts: Discipleship in Community

    Bryan Loritts teaches from Hebrews 10:19-25 at the first general session of Legacy LA 2017.

    2018 LEGACY CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: Legacy LA - March 2-3 Legacy HOU - March 24 Legacy CHI - July 19-21

    CONTACT: Website: www.LegacyDisciple.org Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LegacyConference Twitter/Instagram: @LegacyDisciple Email: Info@LegacyDisciple.org App: Legacy Disciple

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