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  1. Bonus Track | Listener Commentary: “Portal” with Clinton Phillips (Episode 229c)

    Referenced Works

    Portal series


    Show Notes & Links

    Clinton’s show notes:

    Insane Cube Tricks Part One

    Insane Cube Tricks Part Two

    Dad Plays Portal

    When a Future You Tries to Warn You About This Test Wallpaper

    Rick The Adventure Sphere Wallpaper

    What to do When Life Gives You Lemons Wallpaper

    Chell Companion Cube Wallpaper

    This is Art Wallpaper

    The Final Hours of Portal 2 iTunes Link

    Portal Soundtrack

    Portal 2 Soundtrack

    Don’t Grab The Mouse


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  2. Teaching History Outside the Box | Edutopia

    Guest blogger Dan Carlin, historian and podcaster, examines why history lessons often don't stick. With the help of a downloadable audio file, he suggests making history exciting by making it about subjects that matter to students.


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