Episode #139 – Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones The Flop House

One thing: In the hands of a good writer, the mediclorians thing could be a good idea.

The world of the original trilogy is of a fallen society, which is why everything is gritty, and in that world the force is regarded as a superstition.

In the elevated, enlightened civilization of the prequels, the world is shiny and new and the force is a science they fully understand.

The problems are that a) he never explores any part of that or its impact, making it a random throwaway line and b) twenty years, the childhood of Luke Skywalker, is not enough time for that to happen.

Like, Chewbacca isn’t gonna look at Obi-wan as some weirdo for going on about the force, because he used to know Yoda.

Similarly, most of the people in A New Hope used to live in a time when people who used the force were plentiful.

Anakin was a random slave kid on a distant planet and he knew all about the reputation of the jedi.

Yet the dude on the Death Star is like, “The Force?


That’s not really a thing.”