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  1. Gary Brecher is creating The War Nerd Podcast | Patreon

    Great hour-long interview with legendary war correspondent Patrick Cockburn on Islamic State and his years reporting from Iraq, Syria and Libya [starts at 48:00 mark] … Before our Cockburn interview, Nerd and Ames yammer about the wide world of wars: Oregon campground war leaves 1 dead, 7 arrested … Smug vs Scold—leftist media responses … Erdogan’s brutal political calculations in waging war on Kurds in SE Turkey … Saudi megabucks to Malaysian PM & the spread of Wahhabism … Putin’s attack on Bolsheviks (vs respect for Stalin) … Neocon bum fights—Kagan duo say their terrorists worse than Petraeus’ terrorists … Chomsky supports bombing ISIS (and the War Nerd feels better about himself) … Guest: Patrick Cockburn, author of "The Rise of Islamic State" (Verso Books)

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  2. Gary Brecher is creating The War Nerd Podcast | Patreon

    Deep-dive interview with investigative reporter Tim Shorrock on the roots of the recurring North Korea crises … we spend time recovering the gruesome lost history of North Korea, South Korea & the Korean War — and the US role in keeping the hostilities simmering … Guest: Tim Shorrock, author of "Spies For Hire" and NatSec blogger for The Nation

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  3. Radio War Nerd, Episode #8 — November 25, 2015

    Dateline: Budapest … What really happened when Turkey shot down the Russian Su-24 … The US equivalent: the F-111, used by Reagan to bomb Gaddafi’s daughter’s tent … the Islamist TOW shot on the Russian Mi-8 rescue helicopter … our military expert "Dan"’s two cents … fighter pilots are arrogant assholes … Hungary’s 1956 uprising …

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  4. Radio War Nerd, Episode #9 — December 3, 2015

    Dateline: Budapest McDonalds… Opium Wars in San Jose (or "stealing one’s mom’s Vicodins") … Trump lies about Civil War battle, angers war pedants … Mercenaries — UAE hires Colombians to fight in Yemen, as mercenaries increasingly become the norm … 21st C political economies make mercenary work sensible … "progress" in Yemen war … [technical difficulties … ] San Bernardino massacre as hybrid of workplace massacre + Islamist "terrorism" … DUNE: 50th anniversary of Frank Herbert’s novel … does it hold up? … Bay Area literary scene in 1965 … Herbert/Vance/Le Guin/Dick vs Updike/Mailer/Pynchon … novel vs David Lynch film . .

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  5. Radio War Nerd, Episode #11—December 16, 2015

    Dateline: Turin — Houbara bustards vs Qatari royal sheiks … American terrorism panic, GOP woofers & their deep faith in Curtis LeMay carpetbombers … Mosul, Al-Raqqah parallels … distinguishing between different Kurdish power-factions … weird alliance between Barzani & Erdogan … Trying to make sense of Mosul … Siege of Turin … Nigeria massacre of Shia cult …

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