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  1. Gary Brecher is creating The War Nerd Podcast | Patreon

    Great hour-long interview with legendary war correspondent Patrick Cockburn on Islamic State and his years reporting from Iraq, Syria and Libya [starts at 48:00 mark] … Before our Cockburn interview, Nerd and Ames yammer about the wide world of wars: Oregon campground war leaves 1 dead, 7 arrested … Smug vs Scold—leftist media responses … Erdogan’s brutal political calculations in waging war on Kurds in SE Turkey … Saudi megabucks to Malaysian PM & the spread of Wahhabism … Putin’s attack on Bolsheviks (vs respect for Stalin) … Neocon bum fights—Kagan duo say their terrorists worse than Petraeus’ terrorists … Chomsky supports bombing ISIS (and the War Nerd feels better about himself) … Guest: Patrick Cockburn, author of "The Rise of Islamic State" (Verso Books)

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  2. Gary Brecher is creating The War Nerd Podcast | Patreon

    Deep-dive interview with investigative reporter Tim Shorrock on the roots of the recurring North Korea crises … we spend time recovering the gruesome lost history of North Korea, South Korea & the Korean War — and the US role in keeping the hostilities simmering … Guest: Tim Shorrock, author of "Spies For Hire" and NatSec blogger for The Nation

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  3. Radio War Nerd, Episode #8 — November 25, 2015

    Dateline: Budapest … What really happened when Turkey shot down the Russian Su-24 … The US equivalent: the F-111, used by Reagan to bomb Gaddafi’s daughter’s tent … the Islamist TOW shot on the Russian Mi-8 rescue helicopter … our military expert "Dan"’s two cents … fighter pilots are arrogant assholes … Hungary’s 1956 uprising …

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  4. Radio War Nerd, Episode #9 — December 3, 2015

    Dateline: Budapest McDonalds… Opium Wars in San Jose (or "stealing one’s mom’s Vicodins") … Trump lies about Civil War battle, angers war pedants … Mercenaries — UAE hires Colombians to fight in Yemen, as mercenaries increasingly become the norm … 21st C political economies make mercenary work sensible … "progress" in Yemen war … [technical difficulties … ] San Bernardino massacre as hybrid of workplace massacre + Islamist "terrorism" … DUNE: 50th anniversary of Frank Herbert’s novel … does it hold up? … Bay Area literary scene in 1965 … Herbert/Vance/Le Guin/Dick vs Updike/Mailer/Pynchon … novel vs David Lynch film . .

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  5. Radio War Nerd, Episode #11—December 16, 2015

    Dateline: Turin — Houbara bustards vs Qatari royal sheiks … American terrorism panic, GOP woofers & their deep faith in Curtis LeMay carpetbombers … Mosul, Al-Raqqah parallels … distinguishing between different Kurdish power-factions … weird alliance between Barzani & Erdogan … Trying to make sense of Mosul … Siege of Turin … Nigeria massacre of Shia cult …

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  6. A Cunning Plan

    Inventing the next twenty years, strategic foresight, fictional futurism and English rural magic: Warren Ellis attempts to convince you that they are all pretty much the same thing, and why it was very important that some people used to stalk around village hedgerows at night wearing iron goggles.

    Warren Ellis is a writer. He is not the violinist in the Bad Seeds.

    Some of the things he has written have pictures in them, like Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and The Authority. Some of the things he has written are constructed entirely from words, like Crooked Little Vein and the best-selling Gun Machine.

    Gun Machine is currently being developed for television. His book Red was adapted for the big screen in 2010. We shan’t hold it against him.

    You can find him on Twitter, on Tumblr, on This Is My Jam, and you used to be able to find him in Second Life, but most importantly, he has his own website because he’s down with the Indie Web.

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  7. “An Incredible Soul”: Larry Lessig Remembers Aaron Swartz After Cyberactivist’s Suicide Before Trial; Parents Blame Prosecutor

    Today we remember the pioneering computer programmer and cyber activist Aaron Swartz, who took his own life Friday at the age of 26. As a teenager, Swartz helped develop RSS, revolutionizing how people use the Internet, going on to co-own Reddit, now one of the world’s most popular sites. He was also a key architect of Creative Commons and an organizer of the grassroots movement to defeat the controversial House Internet censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Senate bill, the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Swartz hanged himself just weeks before the start of a controversial trial. He was facing up to 35 years in prison for sneaking into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and downloading millions of articles provided by the subscription-based academic research service JSTOR. We hear Swartz in his own words and speak to Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig, a longtime mentor and friend. "There are a thousand things we could have done, a thousand things we could have done, and we have to do, because Aaron Swartz is now an icon, an ideal," Lessig says. "He is what we will be fighting for, all of us, for the rest of our lives." Lessig also echoes the claims of Swartz’s parents that decisions made by prosecutors and MIT contributed to his death, saying: "This was somebody who was pushed to the edge by what I think of as a kind of bullying by our government." [includes rush transcript]

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  8. Aleks Krotoski talks to Andrew Lewman on Tor and anonymity online | Technology |

    In the second of our anonymous double-bill interviews, Aleks Krotoski talks to Andrew Lewman, executive director of the Tor software project.

    Tor is an encryption software, known as "onion routing", that allows people to browse online anonymously, hiding their location and avoiding traffic analytics associated with their online activity.

    The software began as a project sponsored by the US naval research laboratory but is now run as a not-for-profit business that offers the software free of charge online.

    Aleks and Andrew discuss the role of Tor and its wish to create an anonymous space online. They also talk about the growing trend for companies to collate and monitor your online activity in order to build up a profile of you for monetary gain.

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