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  1. A Brief History of the Complete Redesign of Google

    In the summer of 2011, Google completely redesigned nearly all of its applications to be more focused, elastic, and effortless. For the first time in Google’s history, hundreds of millions of users could use a suite of products – from Search and Maps to Gmail, Docs, and Calendar – with a unified, modern look and feel. Join the designers who led the effort for war stories and lessons learned in bringing beauty to Google’s flagship products.

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  2. London IA Podcast with Cennydd Bowles

    In the latest London IA Podcast we host a wide-ranging conversation with Cennydd Bowles on moving from user experience design to digital product designer, what it takes to develop visual design skills, freelancing, A List Apart, writing a book, conference speaking and of course that legendary animal of European folklore.

    Hosted by Matthew Solle and Andrew Travers. Produced by Will Myddelton and Matthew Solle.

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  3. Content Battle of the Year « Brain Traffic Blog

    Recently, Kristina (our fearless leader) and Joe Pulizzi (author “Content Marketing Evangelist” and self-described “poster boy for content marketing”) met up to discuss some similarities and differences between content marketing and content strategy.

    You can listen to their content sparring match in our very first podcast. You’ll also learn how to identify the One Thing that really sets your company apart from the competition. Plus, how content strategists can join arm-in-arm to sing "Hands Across America."

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  4. Jesse James Garrett on what User Experience Design is

    "Some describe it as making things easy and enjoyable to use. Others describe it as all the elements that impact someone’s perception of a product or system. Jesse James Garrett says it’s a lot like going on a great first date." via -

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