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  1. What’s Expected Of Us – Ted Chiang

    What’s Expected Of Us – Nature, July 5, 2005 – |MP3| – StarShip Sofa – read by Julie Davis, short story


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  2. Hell is the Absence of God | Ted Chiang

    An unbeliever struggles with the question of faith when God is scientific fact and angels routinely visit the earth. Hugo, Locus, Nebula Awards (Best Novelette).

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  3. This isn’t your grandfather’s science fiction | MetaFilter

    A simple time machine undermines the concept of free will, with disastrous consequences.

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  4. Exhalation | Ted Chiang

    A non-human scholar relates the dissection of his own brain, and the implications his discoveries hold for his curious clockwork universe. Locus, Hugo Awards (Best Short Story).

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  5. The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate | Ted Chiang

    An ancient alchemist introduces a traveling merchant to a mysterious time-traveling gateway. Hugo, Nebula Awards (Best Novelette).

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