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  1. The Things by Peter Watts

    The first half of this month’s audio fiction is The Things written Peter Watts and read by Kate Baker.

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  2. What’s Expected Of Us – Ted Chiang

    What’s Expected Of Us – Nature, July 5, 2005 – |MP3| – StarShip Sofa – read by Julie Davis, short story


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  3. Speculative Fiction and the Art of Subversion

    On January 14th, 2007 Margaret Atwood and Michael Cunningham sat down on the Key West Literary Seminar stage for a conversation on the topic of “Speculative Fiction and the Art of Subversion”

    From KWLS 2007: Wondrous Strange

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  4. Brighton SF with Brian Aldiss, Lauren Beukes, and Jeff Noon

    On the eve of dConstruct 2012, Jeremy Keith hosts an evening of readings and chat with three of the brightest stars of the science-fiction world at the Pavilion Theatre in Brighton.

    • Lauren Beukes, author of Moxyland, Zoo City, and The Shining Girls.
    • Jeff Noon, author of Vurt, Automated Alice, and Channel SK1N.
    • Brian Aldiss OBE, author of Hothouse, Nonstop, and the Helliconia trilogy.

    Event details:


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  5. Flowers from Al: pervy singularity collaboration with Stross

    Here’s part one (MP3) of my 2003 short story "Flowers From Al," written with Charlie Stross for New Voices in Science Fiction, a Mike Resnick anthology. It’s a pervy, weird story of transhuman romance.

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  6. Hell is the Absence of God | Ted Chiang

    An unbeliever struggles with the question of faith when God is scientific fact and angels routinely visit the earth. Hugo, Locus, Nebula Awards (Best Novelette).

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  7. This isn’t your grandfather’s science fiction | MetaFilter

    A simple time machine undermines the concept of free will, with disastrous consequences.

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  8. Exhalation | Ted Chiang

    A non-human scholar relates the dissection of his own brain, and the implications his discoveries hold for his curious clockwork universe. Locus, Hugo Awards (Best Short Story).

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  9. The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate | Ted Chiang

    An ancient alchemist introduces a traveling merchant to a mysterious time-traveling gateway. Hugo, Nebula Awards (Best Novelette).

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  10. CS Forum Blog - Gerry McGovern: CS Forum podcast episode 1

    Listen to the first podcast from a series featuring CS Forum speakers. First up, headliner Gerry McGovern talks to Randall about content strategy, top tasks, and becoming customer-centric.

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