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  1. Podcast #13 « Blog – Stack Exchange

    This is the thirteenth episode of the StackOverflow podcast, wherein Joel and Jeff discuss the following: […] Stack Overflow will implement an Xbox 360 like Achievement system tied to your account. Our “Badges” system fulfills three roles: bronze badges encourage people to try all the different functions in the system, silver badges encourages continued participation, while completionists and hardcore users can strive to get the gold badges. All of this is completely optional, of course, but it is permanently visible on your Stack Overflow profile.

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  2. Sophie Dennis podcast interview: redefining success by writing your own rules — lucid plot, by Jonathan Kahn

    In Episode 12 of the Together London Podcast, I talk to Sophie Dennis about redefining success by writing your own rules, the problem with waterfall, and setting up a local web community. Check out Sophie’s website, her upcoming Dare Conference talk, and follow her on twitter @sophiedennis.

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  3. Pop Culture Hound » PCH Podcast Episode 12 – Marvel NOW! & Paul Gravett

    PCH Podcast Episode 12 – Marvel NOW! & Paul Gravett by Chris Thompson

    The Marvel Now! odyssey continues as Taylor & I set our sights on A+X #1 and Wolverine & The X-Men #19 (which was a surprise inclusion under the Marvel Now! banner this week).

    Then I conduct an in-depth interview with Paul Gravett to discuss the early days, his place in the comic industry, and what it means to be ‘The Man at the Crossroads’. Plus we look at what’s coming up at this year’s Comica Festival (which starts this week!)

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