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  1. Special: One on One with a Hacker - ShopTalk

    His fake name is “Earl Drudge”, an anagram of “Drug Dealer”. In early March 2014, he used some social engineering techniques and fake US federal documents to be granted full access to Chris’ servers. After missing the opportunity and a failed retaliation attempt, he posted sensitive personal information of Chris’ onto a site where not only can it never be removed, if it’s attempted to be removed becomes promoted. He agreed to talk with Chris directly and have it recorded for this show.

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  2. T 40: The Three Greatest Hacks of Apollo

    Forty years ago, manned exploration of the moon was in full swing. The three greatest hacks of the Apollo program occurred on Apollo 12, 13, and 14, in two cases saving the mission, and in one case saving lives. Drawing on personal interviews with the engineers involved and archival records, this talk will look at the technical aspects of each hack, including largely overlooked, but critical, details of how the lunar module was prepared for lifeboat mode during the Apollo 13 crisis.

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  3. Episode 4: Humans Only (50m) - For our fourth episode, we decided to try making a long, in-depth show about those squiggly word puzzles you find all over the internet, called CAPTCHAs. This is our first show that contains interviews, including of the happy fellow you see above, Dr. Andrei Broder, the Chief Scientist at Yahoo!. You’ll hear from him quite a bit in this episode.

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