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  1. Paul Gravett interview

    At London Super Comicon last month, Koom got to sit down with Paul Gravett, a comics journalist and exhibition curator. Gravett is currently preparing the touring Asian comics show Mangasia, which will debut in Rome next month. This is a guy who’s read a lot of comics; do they all become a blur after a while? Koom asks him about avoiding burnout, the amount of progress comics have (or haven’t) made toward being accepted by the “art world”, and much more.

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  2. Al Columbia | Inkstuds Radio

    I first interviewed Al Columbia nearly 4 years ago. Since that time, he has released Pim and Francie: The Golden Bear Days. A collection of work that probably consists of more printed work than all his previous work put together. We get pretty in-depth in this interview, clocking in at 2 hours of conversation. We cover a lot of ground and I feel like we could probably have another dozen conversations like this, and still have lots to talk about. Thanks to Al for allowing such a frank and revealing interview.

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  3. Peter Kuper, cartoonist - Boing Boing

    Every time I speak to Peter Kuper, the conversation invariably turns to New York — or, as is often the case, begins there. It’s my own fault. I’ve got this insatiable need to ask fellow residents, artists in particular, what keeps them in the city’s orbit. Kuper is a particularly interesting case study, having left the city — and country — in 2006, for a life in Mexico.

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  4. Scott McCloud, author of “Understanding Comics” and “Zot!”: Interview on The Sound of Young America

    Scott McCloud is both an accomplished comics creator and critic. His books of comics criticism, "Understanding Comics," "Reinventing Comics" and "Making Comics" are classics of the form, and are standard-issue in hip literature classes around the country. His newest book is a compilation of his 1980s superhero series Zot!. He talks with us about how to read comics and how he incorporated the influences of the comics of other cultures into his own work in the ’80s.

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  5. Culturethèque — Conversation with Jaime Hernandez of Love & Rockets

    A unique opportunity, which was brought to the BD and Comics Passion festival by Comica, to hear Jaime Hernandez, one of the most talented contemporary comics creators in America, if not the world. Jaime discussed the lives and loves of his crazy ‘locas’ – Maggie and Hopey – and other much-loved characters from the independent phenomenon ‘Love & Rockets’. From his childhood through his teenage punk years to today, Jaime talked about his inspirations and creative process and demonstrate his art techniques by drawing live, projected onto a giant screen. His latest acclaimed titles are a delirious take on superheroes in ‘God and Science’ and the ongoing ‘Love and Rockets: New Stories’ volumes. Jaime will be in conversation with Woodrow Phoenix, author of ‘Rumble Strip’ and ‘Plastic Culture’, editor of ‘Felt Mistress: Creature Couture’, co-editor of the award-winning ‘Nelson’ and co-creator of ‘Sugar Buzz’.

    This talk took place at the Institut français on Thursday the 30th of May 2013 as part of the BD

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  6. Pop Culture Hound » PCH Podcast Episode 12 – Marvel NOW! & Paul Gravett

    PCH Podcast Episode 12 – Marvel NOW! & Paul Gravett by Chris Thompson

    The Marvel Now! odyssey continues as Taylor & I set our sights on A+X #1 and Wolverine & The X-Men #19 (which was a surprise inclusion under the Marvel Now! banner this week).

    Then I conduct an in-depth interview with Paul Gravett to discuss the early days, his place in the comic industry, and what it means to be ‘The Man at the Crossroads’. Plus we look at what’s coming up at this year’s Comica Festival (which starts this week!)

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  7. Kickstarter Podcast #5: Glorkian Warrior In the latest Kickstarter Podcast (subscribe on iTunes or listen online), we sit down with indie comics legend James Kochalka and Pixeljam Games’ Rich Grillotti and Miles Tilmann about Glorkian Warrior, a retro-inspired videogame that mixes hand-drawn and 8-bit pixel animation.

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