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  1. ‘That pig was a good influence’ with Jeremy Keith and Jeffrey Zeldman on Unfinished Business

    Last week was Jeffrey Zeldman’s website’s 20th birthday, so this week he joins me and Jeremy Keith on Unfinished Business 110 to talk about the anniversary. We start by discussing Jeremy’s 100 words for 100 days writing project and how it’s inspired me to change the way that I think about writing on our blog and posting to our portfolio. We talk about the importance of writing for yourself as well as for others and why writing on your own website is important. With it being the twentieth anniversary of Jeffrey’s own site, we also talk about whether it’s important to archive older designs for posterity.

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  2. Information Doesn’t Want to be Free

    There are three iron laws of information age creativity, freedom and business, woven deep into the fabric of the Internet’s design, the functioning of markets, and the global system of regulation and trade agreements.

    You can’t attain any kind of sustained commercial, creative success without understanding these laws — but more importantly, the future of freedom itself depends on getting them right.

    Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist, journalist, blogger and co-editor of Boing Boing.

    He has written a ton of great books. If you haven’t read them, I recommend starting with Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and working your way through to his collaboration with Charles Stross, Rapture of the Nerds. Don’t miss out on his fantastic Young Adult novels For The Win, Pirate Cinema, Little Brother and its sequel Homeland. They’re all great.

    Former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founder of the Open Rights Group, Cory is a tireless fighter for freedom, campaigning against censorship, DRM, government surveillance and other plagues of our time.

    Cory delivered the closing keynote at the very first dConstruct and it’s truly fitting that he’s back ten years later when the theme of this year’s dConstruct is “Living With The Network.”

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  3. Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham have Unfinished Business

    This week, Andy and Anna discuss their experience of working from home (or living at work), and some of the techniques that help them block out distractions. They also debate the very important issue of how to make the perfect cup of tea. At the end of the show, they talk about Kill Bill Volume 1 in what will be a regular section about Tarantino movies.

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  4. Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham have Unfinished Business

    Anna and Andy talk about the benefits Stuff and Nonsense gained when they ditched daily rates and fixed project pricing and switched to estimating, working and billing in weekly patterns. Andy explains how agile methods can benefit designers and clients, even though he doesn’t really know the difference between agile and scrum. After hours, they talk about their movie of the week, Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol 2.

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