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  1. ʼn Gesprek Met Danie Marais – Ep. 56 WAT Podcast – William Welfare

    Danie Marais is ’n bekroonde digter, rubriekskrywer, vryskutjoernalis, radio-omroeper en net ’n plain likeable cool dude met oorgenoeg useful information en quotes oor pop culture. Hy kom riff in die garage oor sy kinderdae, hoe die platebiblioteek en sy neefs op De Doorns se musiekvoorkere sy identiteit beïnvloed het en hoe sy stint en eerste huwelik in Duitsland die pas aangegee het om sy debuutbundel In Die Buitenste Ruimte die lig te laat sien.

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  2. Peter Kuper, cartoonist - Boing Boing

    Every time I speak to Peter Kuper, the conversation invariably turns to New York — or, as is often the case, begins there. It’s my own fault. I’ve got this insatiable need to ask fellow residents, artists in particular, what keeps them in the city’s orbit. Kuper is a particularly interesting case study, having left the city — and country — in 2006, for a life in Mexico.

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  3. Scott McCloud, author of “Understanding Comics” and “Zot!”: Interview on The Sound of Young America

    Scott McCloud is both an accomplished comics creator and critic. His books of comics criticism, "Understanding Comics," "Reinventing Comics" and "Making Comics" are classics of the form, and are standard-issue in hip literature classes around the country. His newest book is a compilation of his 1980s superhero series Zot!. He talks with us about how to read comics and how he incorporated the influences of the comics of other cultures into his own work in the ’80s.

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  4. South London Hardcore: Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Q&A at Gosh! Comics

    ‘Unearthing’ was launched as a hardback and softback book last week collecting Alan Moore’s text about Steve Moore and Shooter’s Hill and Mitch Jenkins accompanying photos. The launch took place at Gosh! Comics in Berwick Street and featured the screening of a couple of short films the pair have collaborated on and a signing for the books. They also took part in a Q&A session that was great fun.

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  5. South London Hardcore: Episode 62: Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins - Unearthing

    This week we’re joined by author Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins who collaborated on Unearthing, a psychogeographical examination of fellow writer Steve Moore and Shooters Hill, where he has lived all his life. The pair talked about the creative process, their relationship with Steve Moore, comics, the occult and Unearthing in its many forms.

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