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  1. Rebecca Sugar’s Subtle Cartoon Chaos | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

    Rebecca Sugar is a 26-year-old cartooning pioneer. First with “Adventure Time.” Now with “Steven Universe.” Rebecca Sugar is with us.

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  2. Lotte Reiniger Recording

    German cut-out animator, Lotte Reiniger, discusses her career and her process for creating her films including world-renowned “Prince Achmed.” Recorded in 1976.

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  3. TAW Episode 4: Joanna Davidovich interview! Part 1 | The Animation Workout

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  4. A Walt Peregoy Afternoon — Part II - TAG Blog

    We continue with Walt Peregoy’s thoughts on the animation industry (and his long-time role in it), working as a designer on iconic animated features, and life …

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  5. A Walt Peregoy Afternoon — Part I — TAG Blog

    Walt Peregoy went to work at Walt Disney Productions in 1942. Wikipedia would have you believe he started as an in-betweener, but Mr. Peregoy tells us otherwise.

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  6. The Mark Kausler Chat — Part II | TAG Blog: TAG Interview

    Several years back, Mark rolled out his homage to 1930s cartoons, It’s the Cat. Mark explains that it took him over a decade to do it, since he was doing most of the creative tasks himself. But the piece is (happily) long-finished, and Mark has shown it at film festivals around the world to good results …

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  7. The Mark Kausler Chat — Part I | TAG Blog: TAG Interview

    Mark Kausler journeyed to California from St. Louis in the late 1960s, and he’s been here ever since working as both an animator and story artist. He numbers Yellow Submarine, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia 2000 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit among the projects on which he’s animated and boarded …

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  8. A Morning With Robert Alvarez — Part 2 | TAG Blog: TAG Interview

    We continue with our series of interviews featuring various leading lights of animation. Here’s the second half of Mr. Alvarez’s interview …

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  9. A Morning With Robert Alvarez — Part 1 | TAG Blog: TAG Interview

    When it comes to animation, Robert Alvarez has done almost everything. "I’ve boarded, I’ve directed, I’ve designed, I’ve done backgrounds and I’ve animated. Everything but loading film." …

    While a student at Choinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, Robert began his career with t.v. animation producer Fred Calvert. One of his first assignments? Working on a British project entitled Yellow Submarine, starring a rock group whose name has been lost in the mists of time. (Not.)

    In the years that followed, Mr. Alvarez worked on various features and hundreds of television shows. As he tells it, he’s spent most of his working life fulfilling his junior high school dream of "being an animator."

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  10. An Afternoon With Ed - Part II | TAG Blog: TAG Interview

    We continue with Mr. Gombert’s tales of the animation biz …

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