Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 2

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  1. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 2

    By Arthur C Clarke, dramatised by Mike Walker.

    What is the secret at the heart of the space object known as Rama and why, years after the event, has Commander William Norton never spoken about what he found there?

    Episode 1:

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  2. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 1

    Mike Walker’s dramatisation of the novel by Arthur C Clarke, set in the 22nd Century.

    When the mysterious space object known as Rama appears in the solar system, the crew of the SV Endeavour are sent to investigate.

    Episode 2:

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  3. ABMGW 048 Rendezvous mit Rama vs Der Marsianer (Arthur C. Clarke und Andy Weir) | Alle Bücher müssen gelesen werden

    Thema der Woche: Ingenieure im Weltraum! Ohne Techniker geht bekanntlich nichts, und im Weltraum erst recht nichts. Dennoch gibt es relativ wenige SF-Bücher die sich mit technischen oder organisatorischen Aspekten der Raumfahrt beschäftigen. Möchte man meinen! Doch gerade im letzen Jahr hat Andy Weir mit "Der Marisaner" ein ungeahnt populäres Buch abgeliefert. Zur Story: Die…

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  4. Arthur C. Clarke’s Technologies

    In our previous episode, we introduced Arthur C. Clarke, the amazing man and science fiction writer. Today we’ll be discussing his legacy and ideas on space exploration. You’ll be amazed to hear how many of the ideas we take for granted were invented or just accurately predicted by Arthur C. Clarke.

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  5. Guardian Books podcast: Jane Rogers wins Arthur C Clarke award

    Jane Rogers has won this year’s Arthur C Clarke award for The Testament of Jessie Lamb, her first foray into science fiction. She talks to Sarah Crown.

    Fresh off the podium from collecting her Arthur C Clarke award for science fiction, veteran novelist but first-time SF author Jane Rogers talks about the thrill of winning the presitigious award, how she feels about the science fiction label, and why she chose to set a novel about the relationship between a teenager and her parents in a near-future dystopia.

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