South London Hardcore: Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Q&A at Gosh! Comics

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  1. South London Hardcore: Episode 62: Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins - Unearthing

    This week we’re joined by author Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins who collaborated on Unearthing, a psychogeographical examination of fellow writer Steve Moore and Shooters Hill, where he has lived all his life. The pair talked about the creative process, their relationship with Steve Moore, comics, the occult and Unearthing in its many forms.

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  2. Disinformation: The Podcast - The Mindscape of Alan Moore

    From The Disinformation crew is proud to present an interview with author and comic book legend Alan Moore. We spend an hour talking to Alan about his background, the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen release, and Disinformation’s riveting documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore. We discuss Alan’s work as a shaman and magician, and the influence of occult ideas on his classic works. Also included is an interview with DeZ Vylenz, producer and director of The Mindscape of Alan Moore.

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  3. audioBoom / Alan Moore talks to Stewart Lee – books podcast

    Alan Moore is best known for his comics classics such as V for Vendetta and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but his latest work takes him into different territory: Jerusalem is a prose novel that, at 600,000 words, is longer than the Bible - and is a vast celebration of his relatively small home town of Northampton.

    In a Guardian Live event recorded in London, Moore explains his project to comedian Stewart Lee.

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  4. Book Shambles - Season 4, Episode 1 - Alan Moore

    We’re back and kicking off Season 4 with one of the greatest writers in history. Alan Moore joins Josie and Robin to talk about the release of his new opus, Jerusalem as well as some of his epic back catalogue plus the work of HP Lovecraft, David Foster Wallace, Chuck D and more…

    Patreon supporters will also get an exclusive bonus hour with Alan talking about the process of creating Jerusalem.

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  5. The Alan Moore Lecture 2013 in Full

    Alan Moore visited Northampton College to read an extract from his book, ‘The Mirror of Love’ marking an inspiring end to a variety of activities and events that took place throughout February to celebrate LGBT History Month. Alan then gave an exclusive interview to students and some fantastic advice and personal insights on what it takes to be a writer.

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