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  1. Mac Power Users 189: OS X Server with Todd Olthoff | Mac Power Users

    David and Katie are joined by Todd Olthoff to talk about OS X Server, why you may want to run the $20 server application, features and use cases for homes and small businesses.

    Thanks to MPU listener

    Jigar Talati for assistance with the shownotes this week!

    Links for this episode:

    Todd Olthoff – YouTube

    Collected from: Todd Olthoff – YouTube


    TwitterTodd Olthoff | Life, Ministry, & Technology

    Apple – OS X Server brings more power to your business.

    SpamSieve: Easy-to-use Mac spam filter for Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage, Postbox, and more

    WeMo Switch Channel – IFTTT

    Wemo Light Switch Channel

    Wemo Insight Switch Channel

    Wemo Motion Channel

    WeMo Contest for MPU Listeners

    Thunderbolt™ Express Dock for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac

    Apple – Mac mini

    Apple – Remote Desktop 3

    EVERY Steve Jobs keynotes at NeXT

    Get Smart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    MPU: 093 Education Workflows with Fraser Speirs | Mac Power Users

    Mac Power Users 163: Fraser Speirs Returns | Mac Power Users

    Virtual private network – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Cloak VPN – Cloak –

    WarGames – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    DEFCON – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    5by5 | The Incomparable #189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

    Bing Translator

    Wiki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A wiki is usually a web application which allows people to add, modify, or delete content in collaboration with others.

    Port (computer networking) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computer networking, a port is an application-specific or process-specific software construct serving as a communications endpoint in a computer’s host operating system.

    Little Snitch

    Secure Shell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, remote command-line login, remote command execution, and other secure network services between two networked computers.


    Carbon Copy Cloner – Mac Backup Software

    Pixelmator – Sneak Peek at Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone

    Screen Recording and Screencasting Software – Overview – Telestream ScreenFlow

    Reflector Airplay Receiver – Mirror an iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC

    Macsparky Byword Screencast

    2min 25 sec in you can see David’s iPad and iPhone on screen.

    iOS Byword Introduction from David Sparks on Vimeo.

    MacStadium | Mac Mini Hosting and Colo

    AirServer – The Most Advanced AirPlay Receiver for Mac and PC

    Blackmagic Design: Home

    RØDE Microphones – Podcaster

    ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone || Audio-Technica US

    Macsparky Screencast – TextExpander Touch 2.5

    Text Expander Touch 25 from David Sparks on Vimeo.

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