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  1. Ep 1: Andy Miller, Grav

    At the heart of what makes GitHub great are the thousands of open source communities that build incredible things every day. The brand new GitHub Community Cast shines a light on these awesome projects and the people that make them.

    Take a look inside a project, learn about their tools and workflow, discover where you can get involved, and get inspired for your own work. In addition to seeing behind the curtain on a great open source project, you’ll also get news and updates from around the GitHub community.

    The inaugural episode features an interview with Andy Miller from the Grav project, a modern flat-file CMS with some bold ideas. We also share some of the new features recently landed in GitHub and events going on around the GitHub community.

    You can each episode from our SoundCloud page or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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  2. Darkode - Radiolab

    We shine a light into the dark corners of the internet to see the world from the perspective of both cyber crime …

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  3. The Incomparable | Man versus Mars (Episode 187)

    Our Book Club reconvenes to discuss “The Martian” by Andy Weir. It’s a nuts-and-bolts adventure about a stranded astronaut who uses his botany and engineering skills to stay alive on Mars. Did we mention botany? And engineering? There’s a lot of both. Also, we tell you what we’re reading.

    Book Club

    March 24, 2014

    1 hour, 13 minutes

    • Books

    Jason Snell

    with Lisa Schmeiser, Lex Friedman, Scott McNulty and John Moltz

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  4. The Cost Of Interruptions: They Waste More Time Than You Think : NPR

    Interruptions are ubiquitous and annoying. Studies indicate that getting interrupted is also costly — it can take a long while for people who have been distracted to settle back into tasks. Now, new research explores whether there is a cure.

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  5. Audio “Sonne, Salz und Sumpf - die Charente Maritime” | NDR Info | ARD Mediathek

    Audio Sonne, Salz und Sumpf - die Charente Maritime: Wer daran zweifelt, dass der liebe Gott ein Franzose ist, sollte den Südwesten Frankreich bereisen -Dort hat er die "weiße Insel" geschaffen, die Ile de Ré.

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  6. Das französische Sylt: MP3 online hören - SWR2 - Impuls - Audio 157424801

    Das französische Sylt - MP3 online hören.

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  7. B-Sides #12: Jason & Stephen Talk Space - Relay FM

    Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett talk about New Horizons’ Pluto discoveries, a newly-discovered Earth-like planet, and why space is back in the news.

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  8. The Man Who Saved Southwest Airlines With A ‘10-Minute’ Idea : NPR

    When a little startup called Southwest Airlines was on the brink of failure in 1972, an executive named Bill Franklin had a simple solution that saved the company: the "10-Minute Turn."

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  9. Why Coke Cost A Nickel For 70 Years : Planet Money : NPR

    All prices change. So why did the price of a Coke stay the same for decades? The answer includes a 7.5-cent coin and a company president who wanted to get a couple of lawyers out of his office.

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  10. Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie “Der wertvollste Fund meines Lebens”

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