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  1. The Incomparable | You Ain’t No Nice Guy (Episode 210)

    Take your flu medication, head west out of the abandoned cities, and join us for our discussion of Stephen King’s classic novel “The Stand.” We discuss why we enjoy (literary) apocalypses, question King’s setting of the revised edition in 1990, and join forces with an impossibly wise Yoda figure to plan the ultimate battle between the forces of good and the forces of Vegas. Baby, can you dig your man?

    Post-show: Our own personal apocalypse plans, revisited.

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  2. Ep 47: Invasion Day – Curtain The Podcast Welcome to an Invasion day special of Curtain the podcast. Host Amy McQuire reflects on what the day means to her and the broader Indigenous community, while also discussing some of the findings of her recent travels around Australia of horrific events and massacres. Afterward Martin Hodgson has a challenge for you to undertake…

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  3. The Incomparable | An Old Sock Full of Diamonds (Episode 384)

    Grab a porg, put on your matching necklaces, and get out your ancient Jedi texts—it’s time to discuss “The Last Jedi,” episode VIII of the “Star Wars” saga. (And if we missed something, please understand that we’ve only seen it once so far!)

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  4. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 211: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Holiday Spectacular

    The Talk Show

    ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Holiday Spectacular, With Special Guests Guy English and John Siracusa

    Sunday, 31 December 2017

    As per holiday tradition at The Talk Show, a brief chat about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with a cavalcade of special guests, including Guy English and John Siracusa.

    Download MP3.


    2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Holiday Spectacular.

    Sponsored by:

    Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Get 15% off your first order with code talk15.

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    Backblaze: Online backup for $5/month. Native. Unlimited. Unthrottled. Uncomplicated.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  5. The Incomparable | Just Give Me 35 Years (Episode 374)

    It took thousands of pages over seven novels, but eventually Stephen King finished his genre-busting series, The Dark Tower—and eventually we finished it too! Join four faithful readers who have taken the journey with Roland and his Ka-Tet and are ready to report back. We’ve got 30 minutes of non-spoiler discussion for prospective readers, followed by a lightning-round palaver about all seven main-sequence books, and how they link with other parts of King’s work.

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  6. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 200, With Special Guest Craig Federighi

    The Talk Show

    ‘200: Episode CC’, With Special Guest Craig Federighi

    Friday, 15 September 2017

    Very special guest Craig Federighi returns to the show to talk about Face ID, the perils of live demos, Apple’s approach to designing the iPhone X, privacy, security, and more.

    Download MP3.

    Sponsored exclusively by:

    DuckDuckGo: The search engine that doesn’t track you. Learn more about search privacy and “private/incognito” mode in DuckDuckGo’s report.


    This week’s keynote address.

    More on the Face ID demo glitch.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  7. Jeff Eaton — Responsive Web Design


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  8. Presentable #25: The Tenuous Resilience of the Open Web - Relay FM

    Author and designer Jeremy Keith talks about his new book, Resilient Web Design, and why we keep making the same mistakes over and over.

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  9. Defocused | The 70mm Ledge (Episode 24)


    The 70mm Ledge

    Spoilers abound as we discuss all things Interstellar (2014).

    November 30, 2014

    1 hour, 56 minutes

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    Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm


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    The 70mm Ledge

    Spoilers abound as we discuss all things Interstellar (2014).

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  10. The Incomparable | All About Evey (Episode 338)

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November… We discuss the 2005 film “V for Vendetta” and the Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic series that inspired it. Who, if anyone, is the hero of the film? How did the Wachowskis adapt the 1980s comic’s sensibilities to the 2000s? What’s with the film’s strange structure and surreal visual choices? And, most importantly, is V a man, an idea, or both?

    —Huffduffed by fijamom

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