009: With Ethan Marcotte - ShopTalk

This week we were joined by Ethan Marcotte, our chauffeur into the brave new world of responsive web design. We’ve been getting a good amount of questions about RWD, so we’ve saved the best ones up for a special espisode from the man himself. We talk about (roughly in order):

Hot Links:

(4:20) – StyleDocco

(5:50) – Adobe Shadow

(7:40) – SenchaTouch 2

(8:15) – The Non-Breaking Space Show Crossover

(8:50) – The Industry Podcast

Q & A

(12:20) – What is responsive design?

(15:43) – When shouldn’t you use responsive design?

(24:26) – Using image sprites with responsive design?

(31:30) – Scaling images in responsive design

(37:27) – Responsive display advertising

(44:30) – Making the jQuery plugin DataTables responsive

Grid systems to help the transition into responsive design

(49:55) – Is hiding inline images good enough to prevent them from loading?

(53:40) – Embedded tweets in responsive design

(56:50) – Masonry style layouts

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Note: Dear Audiophiles, sorry about the choppy recording. Will work on it.

009: with Ethan Marcotte [ 1:06:09 ] Download