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  1. Counting the Infected — The Daily — Overcast


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  2. jobs

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  3. The Dalrymple Report: WWDC Special with John Gruber

    John and I get together every year for a special podcast during WWDC to talk about the announcements. Despite the distance between us, this year was no…


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  4. Popehat

    Josh Barro and Ken White talk about Attorney General Bill Barr firing the top federal prosecutor in New York and a surprise order on the Michael Flynn case.


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  5. Quarantine


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  6. Hotel


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  7. Ep. 376: “Wrong Kind of Vacation” — Roderick on the Line — Overcast


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  8. Donut


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  9. Chrischris


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  10. #106 - Amesh Adalja, M.D.: Comparing COVID-19 to past pandemics, preparing for the future, and reasons for optimism - Peter Attia

    "All of that makes me very optimistic that we will be able to meet the challenge of this virus without putting any of our hospitals into crisis, that this is going to be a severe challenge for this country, but it’s not something that that is going to break the country." — Dr. Amesh Adalja, referring to some lesser discussed positive trends


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