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  1. 187: The Mac, with Apple’s Tom Boger — Vector with Rene Ritchie — Overcast


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  3. Chinese censor

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  4. “ARA: Ask Rick Anything!”

    On this week’s pod, Ana (@anamariecox) checked back in with Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) to do something different: answer questions from listeners. Their wide-ranging conversation kicked off with Ana asking Rick to put on his strategist hat, and analyze the governor’s races in Florida and Georgia, and the Senate races in Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. Ana then asked Rick how he will vote in the Florida gubernatorial election, before going deeper on how/when Never Trumpers will vote for Democrats. They then changed course, and talked about Rick’s future career prospects as well as what a Never Trumper needs to do for liberals and progressives to trust them. Rick and Ana closed things out by talking about their memories of John McCain, from the perspective of someone who worked for a pro-McCain super PAC and a journalist who covered him, and what they like about each other.Get in touch with us on Twitter at @crooked_friends or email us at withfriendslikepod@gmail.comThank you to our sponsors!Visit stamps.com, click on the microphone at the top and enter FRIENDS for up to $55 in free postage, a four-week trial and a free digital scale.Check out Ana’s personal collection and get free shipping on your first order at everlane.com/friends.


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  5. Ultimate


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  6. The Gravel Lot Episode 38: Talking Tour Divide and endurance racing with Aaron Kent - Bikerumor

    Episode 38: Aaron Kent joins us this week to recap his experience on Tour Divide 2015. We covered his history with 24 hour races before, then his training, planning, stories from the Divide, as well as his life-changing takeaways from the event. If you need a dose of inspiration, this episode is for you.

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  7. Rick Wilson Interviewed By John Ziegler About His New Book

    Mediaite columnist John Ziegler interviewed Republican strategist and frequent television commentator Rick Wilson in Beverly Hills last Friday to discuss his


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  8. WATCH: Bill Maher and Rick Wilson pummel Trump for being ‘hip-deep’ in Russian spies in the Oval Off

    WATCH: Bill Maher and Rick Wilson pummel Trump for being ‘hip-deep’ in Russian spies in the Oval Office. Visit our channel for more news : https://bit.ly/2ukpGNc

    During the Overtime segment on HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher brought up the incarceration of whistleblower Reality Winner — who leaked a top-secret report on Russian interference in U.S. elections - only for the conversation to turn to President Donald Trump. According to GOP strategist Rick Wilson, President Donald Trump’s involvement with the Russians is far worse than anything Winner did. “I worry about a president who holds private meetings in the Oval Office with Russian spies and ambassadors and goes behind closed doors and God knows what he and Putin are talking about,” Wilson stated. “He’s been hip-deep with the Russians since he was a young post-STD-avoiding veteran of New York".. “And so I worry. Yes she broke the law, and the sentence was harsh but it was within the guidelines were, but we’ve got an administration that has more fundamentally compromised our security on so many levels than she ever could dream of doing,” he continued.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiM0FwTKD8s
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  9. MBMBaM 418: Trial of the Riddlemancers | Maximum Fun


    My Brother, My Brother and Me

    GREETINGS, TRAVELER. You find yourself locked within the deepest depths of our Dastardly Podcast Labyrinth! There is only one escape: Solve these ingenious, crowdsourced riddles! We found them on the very worst website we’ve ever been to.

    Sugested talking points: A Lot of Vasectomy Chat, White Hat Aldi Hacker, Badass Kung Fu Panda Quotes, Riddles.com, Fountains of Pain


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  10. e026: Functional Programming Ideas — New Rustacean – learning the Rust programming language — Overcast


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