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  1. Longevity Exercise - Less is More

    What does exercise have to do with longevity? Everything! But wait, not all forms of exercise are created equal in paving the way for a long, healthy life. As an athlete and an Ayurvedic practitioner, I’ve experienced firsthand the life-changing benefits of an exercise theory I call, “less is more.” Enjoy this free 1-hour talk on the exercise method that Ayurveda and modern research agree can tack significant years on to your life.

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  2. Podcast #575: Counterintuitive Advice on Making Exercise a Sustainable Habit | The Art of Manliness

    It’s a new year and like many people, you may have set a goal to exercise more regularly. But like most people, you’ve set this goal before only to give up on it after only a few weeks.  Why is it so hard to make exercise a habit? And what can you do to make …

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  3. Body Scan Meditation

    Body Scan gives instructions on bringing awareness to bodily sensations. For the most part this exercise is relaxing. Occasionally practitioners initially feel uncomfortable with this exercise. If it becomes overwhelmingly distressing, merely distract or direct attention to something outside your body until you are more comfortable with the exercise at another time.

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  4. Q&A on Zone 2 Exercise with Peter Attia

    In this Q&A, Peter answers all your questions around Zone 2 exercise and training. Originally recorded as an Instagram Live in March 2021, Peter answers the following questions: 00:00:00 – Intro 00:00:23 – What is Zone 2 exercise? 00:02:52 – Why does Zone 2 exercise matter? 00:03:20 – How often should I do Zone 2 exercise?
    00:06:42 – Can I do other exercises before or after Zone 2? 00:07:52 – Does it matter if I slip into Zone 3, 4, or 5 during my Zone 2 workout? 00:09:48 – What are the benefits of Zone 2 exercise?
    00:11:18 – Is Zone 2 exercise beneficial at any age, young or old? 00:12:54 – Why should I do Zone 2 exercise compared to HIIT? 00:14:20 – How can I use a lactate meter to measure if I’m in Zone 2? 00:16:53 – How do I measure if I’m in Zone 2 without a lactate meter? 00:18:54 – Peter begins to answer live questions 00:19:11 – Why do some wearables have different definitions of zones?
    00:20:22 – How do you find Zone 2 on a treadmill? 00:21:27 – How to use a lactate meter to test your lactate levels? 00:22:50 – Does your Zone 2 range change over time as you change your fitness level? 00:24:31 – How does MAF work in measuring Zone 2? 00:25:58 – Should I do Zone 2 before or after eating? 00:28:00 – How does Zone 2 compare to Functional Threshold Power (FTP)? 00:29:58 – Zo…

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  5. Part 4. Physical exercise for breath retraining: NormalBreathing vs Buteyko courses

    Teaching sports and physical exercise for the NormalBreathing course is based on the Breathing-Exercise Charts that provide additional practical ideas related to the use of physical exercise for other CP zones, as well as new ideas related to timing and distribution of exercise with routines.

    In the past, for the original Buteyko method, only CP20 was the threshold or border to differentiate students. With over 20 the current CP, students were suggested to have jogging or more intensive forms of exercise, but with 100% nose breathing (in and out). This criteria would not be applicable for people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and emphysema. The most important innovation and discovery relates to the Breathing-Exercise Chart that provides the link between amount of physical activity per day and the ideal expected CP for the next morning.

    There are actually 3 different Charts that are for 3 different age groups. The Main Chart is for middle age people, while younger people need to have more exercise, and older people can maintain health with less exercise,

    Text for the slide: Teaching physical exercise for the NormalBreathing course is based on the Breathing-Exercise Charts that provide additional practical ideas related to the u…

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