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  1. Lost Audio from 07/18/2021 | 2600

    In March of 1984, I was involved in the first year of 2600. I was also in the thick of a major hacking case involving a company called GTE Telenet. The FBI had raided WUSB and my friend's house because those were the two locations that I was connecting from (I had yet to have my own computer). After months of limbo, I was getting impatient and wanted the case to move forward. So after determining that half a year after the raids (October 1983), there had been no effort to improve security (the default password remained "A"), a friend and I visited Robert Krulwich over at National Public Radio to share the story with him. These "Morning Edition" pieces were the result. And shortly after they aired, I got the indictment I was pushing for.


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  2. Haxan Cloak - The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water (excerpt)

    From the forthcoming Latitudes session. Following his critically acclaimed debut album on Aurora Borealis, the new Tri-Angle signee, The Haxan Cloak (AKA Bobby Krlic), has quite gracefully buried himself deep into the networks of unsettling electronic music. This Latitudes release is, in essence, Bobby live, but think of it as 'The Haxan Cloak 2.0'.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/southern/haxan-cloak-the-men-parted-the
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