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  1. NUIT BLANCHE S02 E05 - Anna Göldi, dernière sorcière d’Europe - Radio - Play RTS

    1782, au pied des Alpes Suisses, dans la ville de Glaris, une petite fille crache des aiguilles ensanglantées. Les habitants racontent que c’est Anna Göldi, la servante de la famille qui l’a ensorcelée. Anna est arrêtée, torturée et jugée. C’est son histoire émouvante, tragique et mystérieuse que nous allons vous raconter.Animation et réalisation: Mickaël Marquet et Franck Pourprix.


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  2. Mysteries of Dionysios with Peter Mark Adams | Occult of Personality

    Welcome to Occult of Personality: esoteric podcast extraordinaire. I’m your host, Greg Kaminsky…


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  3. The New Red Scare - Open Source with Christopher Lydon

    The winter round of the presidential race goes to Bernie Sanders, not so much for winning the most votes from Democrats as for coining the key word, the big theme for 2020, which is: billionaires! …


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  4. 104. Sex, Body, and Divine Feminine / Masculine - Scarlet Imprint Interview about “Brazen Vessel”

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  5. Social Is Not What It Used to Be: Social Strategy 201

    Now that social media has devolved into pay-to-play ad platforms with little chance of free organic reach, how does that affect our overall social strategy?


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  6. Stop! Homer Time — CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND


    • We rave about the power and politics of translation inspired by Emily Wilson’s mind-blowingly less-misogynist translation of the Odyssey into English. And we talk with translator Katrina Dodson.

    Transcript below.

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  7. Momie, momie, momie !

    Dans les années 1920, une expédition archéologique exhuma la sépulture du pharaon Katobey. Désormais exhibée dans un musée, la momie revient alors à la vie, pour mieux châtier les archéologues ayant outragé son sépulcre… Sorti en 1967, ce film a pour titre "Dans les griffes de la […]


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  8. Episode 1068 - John Goodman — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    John Goodman has more than four decades of experience on stage, in movies, and on television, but he’s just now learning to trust himself. After a lifetime of trying to please everyone and beating himself up over everything, John tells Marc what finally caused his perception to shift. John also talk



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  9. Ep. 36: “Uncle Licky” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann’s frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters


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  10. Episode 1066 - Edward Norton — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    Edward Norton knows the importance of slowing things down. While many entertainers feel the need to move immediately from project to project, Edward has learned from his peers, his idols, and his own experience that sometimes it’s all about what you don’t do. Edward talks with Marc about the lessons


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