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  1. Technical Difficulties - 058 - Scanning

    Evernote Inbox

    Like Gabe, I have my ScanSnap import to Evernote by default. Beyond the ScanSnap itself, the key to keeping my scanning workflow as easy-to-use and frictionless as possible is maintaining an “Inbox” notebook so I can decouple the scanning and processing stages of my workflow.

    With a dedicated Evernote inbox I can quickly scan in several document sets, then figure out what to do with it all (what to call the notes, what to tag them, where to file them, etc.) at a more convenient time – usually “later”. If you find yourself being lazy like me and leaving a lot of time between processing periods, Evernote’s OCR saves you by allowing full search of the PDF whether you’ve figured out where to file it or not.

    This kind of search (especially while mobile) is what makes Evernote practically irreplaceable for me.

    Filesystem Inbox

    Like Erik, I also have “legacy” ScanSnap, but I’m not an Evernote user. I like batch processing as well, so my ScanSnap just dumps the OCRed PDFs into a folder within my Dropbox that I’ve set up to act as an inbox.

    Incidentally, the Fujitsu scanning software can be set to OCR after each scan using ABBYY FineReader, which Fujitsu includes with the ScanSnap. You can also use FineReader to OCR your PDFs in batches later, and the accuracy is very good either way. What I like is that the OCR data becomes a part of the PDF, making it searchable by more than just Evernote.

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  2. Dave Winer: My blogging story

    Justin Hall of asked me to do an audio recording about blogging. I answered some of his questions, but as usual, talked mostly about what I wanted to. Which is a big part of the blogging story imho. Here’s the audio, 24 minutes, hope you enjoy. PS: This also to adds to the thread started by Walter Isaacson about the origins of the Internet.

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  3. Ad hoc 3: Xbox One and the state of the living room |

    Take a bunch of tech geeks who also happen to get their game on, power them up, put them in front of mics, hit the record button, and what do you get? Another impromptu episode of hardest core casual podcast on the system.

    Join John Siracusa, Guy English, and Rene Ritchie as they talk all about the just-announced Xbox One, how it compares to the kinda-announced PS4, the perplexing Wii U, and what’s left for Google and Apple in the TV space.


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