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Eston College is an Evangelical, Pentecostal community whose mission is to develop disciples of Christ–faithful men & women educated in the wisdom of the Bible who walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit and who extend God’s grace by serving as His ambassadors in the home, church, and marketplace. Our website is Follow us on Facebook at:

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  1. MOS - Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

    I know most of our listeners don’t have kids, but this episode was too good not to share!

    Name 10 ways to destroy your child’s imagination. Ok, we’ll give you 5 to start: 1. Mechanize your kid, 2. pad their resume, 3. send them to Yale, 4. stifle their natural talents and, if you do nothing else, 5. deter any natural tendency to admire God’s vast creation. This is but a taste of the (outlandish?) commentary to expect from Dr. Anthony Esolen, professor of English at Providence College and author of Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child. To those of us glued to our screens or whose suffocated imaginations are inhibited by too many distractions, Dr. Esolen is a breath of fresh air.

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  2. #210: Got Grit?

    Why are some people more successful than others? It’s a tough question to answer because it relies on a number of factors, many which are out of our control — like genetics and plain old luck. But there are a few factors that we have a say in — one of those being the ability to persevere even in the face of setbacks. Otherwise known as grit.

    My guest today, Professor Angela Duckworth, has spent her career researching this trait, and in today’s show we discuss her new book, Grit, and the ways we can increase this trait in our ives.

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  3. 3 Steps to a Better Memory w/ Brad Zupp

    Record-setting memory athlete Brad Zupp is on the podcast this week to talk about how you can get your memory to perform better for you. We discuss proven techniques for remembering names, numbers, and just about anything. You’ll learn the 3 steps to memory, what stress has to do with memory, and how you can practice every day to improve your memory.Get Podcast UpdatesDo you want to get an email with shownotes each time a podcast goes live? Then let us know where to send these updates.Cheat SheetWhat you can do if you feel like you have a bad memory (you’re not hopeless)Brad’s experience with competing in memory competitions and why he chose to do it in the first placeHow the three-step process to memory worksWhy staying in the moment is vitally important for memory recall and tips on how to do thisSimple techniques you can use to remember people’s names betterThe step-by-step process you can use for translating things you want to remember into picturesPractical tips on what you can do to practice better memory every dayWhy you should be selective about what you want to rememberLinksTPS51: Executive Thinking w/ Jan Johnston-TylerHow to Develop Super Power MemoryHow to Win Friends and Influence PeopleFree ebook from Brad: 10 Ways to Supercharge Your MemoryUnlock Your Amazing MemoryBook, tool, ritualBook: The Miracle of Mindfulness and How to MeditateTool: A journal, a pen – journaling every dayRitual: A morning ritual – reading, meditation, runningConnect with Brad Zupp@BradZuppIf you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Sticher, Overcast, PocketCast or your favorite podcast player. It’s easy, you’ll get new episodes automatically, and it also helps the show gain exposure. You can also leave a review! Here’s how.FacebookTwitterGoogle+1

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  4. Art of Manliness - How to Live Like an Ancient Greek Hero

    During World War II the Greek island of Crete was occupied by the Nazis and was a strategic stronghold. To take back the island, Great Britain created a small band of misfit resistance fighters consisting of poets, historians, and Cretan shepherds. Their job was to muck things up for the Nazis, but one day they decided to do something completely audacious: kidnap a German general and get him off the island.

    Against all the odds, they accomplished their mission.

    How’d they do it?

    My guest today on the podcast went to Crete to follow in the footsteps of these WWII resistance fighters and along the way discovered that they had tapped into the ancient Greek art of the hero. His name is Christopher McDougall and in his book Natural Born Heroes, he takes readers on a whirlwind tour through history, psychology, and fitness to show how these clever, courageous Englishmen emulated Odysseys and other Greek heroes and what regular Joes can do to live more heroically. In today’s episode, Chris and I discuss the mindset, the virtues, and the skills needed to become an ancient Greek hero.

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