Kate Kiefer Lee – Voice and Tone Live!

This podcast is Kate Kiefer Lee’s full Keynote presentation from UX Thursday Detroit.

Given the amount of communications a user takes in on a daily basis, how you speak to them is incredibly important. The “voice” a company uses contributes to the establishment of the brand as well a creates a distinguishing identifier that sets it apart within the daily deluge of content users encounter. A consistent voice can help a user feel comfortable and familiar with your organization.

There are considerations for establishing voice and tone situationally. If you lean more toward a sarcastic voice in your marketing copy, you may want to vary your tone when it comes to things like error messages. You don’t want to rub people the wrong way.

Kate Kiefer Lee is the woman behind the voice and tone of MailChimp. She’s responsible for their interactive style guide at voiceandtone.com. Kate knows the importance of honest communication with users. Far too often, copy can be stale or technical. Kate approaches content with the user, a human, in mind. This, in turn, humanizes your organization in the user’s eyes making it far easier to make a meaningful connection between the two.

Kate shares her experiences, bumps in the road, and tips in this keynote from UX Thursday Detroit.