Working in Public with Nadia Eghbal - Interintellect Fireside Chat

Open source theorist and GitHub veteran Nadia Eghbal, a role model to many of us thanks her influential essays and reports, joined Interintellects and friends to discuss the publication of her first book, Working in Public (Stripe Press, 2020) and her journey and discoveries along the way.

A research area fascinating both engineers and social scientists, Nadia’s work has been a re-exploration of cooperation and coordination for the internet age. Which if any of the social wisdoms of the 19th and 20th centuries, how much of evolutionary psychology, applied game theory and behavioural modelling, will survive all the pull requests and forking, hyperlinks and retweets, collective ownership and decentralised credentialism?

The author was in conversation with Interintellect founder Anna Gát followed by an informal Q&A.


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