How To Go From Commodity Freelancer to In-Demand Consultant w/ Jonathan Stark

A freelancer is a hired gun—a mercenary who values money more than ethics. Is it time to stop calling yourself a freelancer? How do you transition from a freelancer competing on price and become one who is sought after for their ideas?

You probably honed your skills initially as a full-time employee and then eventually started freelancing because you got fired or downsized or let go or laid off or just got fed up and quit.

Jonathan Stark

The Pricing Seminar

Freelancer’s Roadmap

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07:43 - You don’t know how to sell 08:53 - How do you generate new leads 10:20 - Figure out who to market to 13:00 - Should I sell in what I don’t specialize in? 22:00 - Be fine with saying no 28:46 - Fiverr 33:00 - SHARE SHARE SHARE 39:45 - Broad or specialize down 43:00 - How to become a specialist 47:00 - How to charge value pricing 50:00 - Begin with the end in mind 52:00 - Provide 3 options 1:02:00 - International Situation 1:04:00 - Find people with more money than time 1:11:00 - Recap

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