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Nubank was started in 2013 with a credit card that was controlled through a mobile app. At the time, it was the first service in Brazil that allowed customers to do banking without going to a physical bank branch. Since then, Nubank has expanded into additional financial services and currently has 850 employees working in Brazil.

Edward Wible is a co-founder and CTO of Nubank and in this episode he discusses his work growing Nubank from a small team of less than 10 people into a company with almost 1000 people.

We have covered two other banks in the past few weeks: Monzo and N26. In terms of software engineering and product management, Nubank is similar to Monzo and N26. One characteristic that stood out was Nubank’s use of Clojure, a functional programming language built on the JVM.

A question that came up during this show: what is the line between “fintech company” and “bank”? We hope explore this more in future shows about the intersection of money and software.


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