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  1. Episode 26: Rose’s Agenda Setup

    Our thanks to Agenda for sponsoring this first of two special episodes, where Scotty interviews Rose about her setup and usage of Agenda for Mac and iOS. Important links: Agenda Agenda Community x-…


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  2. AppStories – A weekly exploration of the world of apps

    A weekly exploration of the world of apps


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  3. Episode 160: Utility Apps Revisited – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John dig into the utility grab bag to cover eight more of their favorite iOS and iPadOS utility apps.


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  4. An Evernote Consultant Reveals How She Uses The Tool To Manage Busy Life and Business (TPS268)

    Today I’m joined by Stacey Harmon, a certified Evernote consultant who helps people get setup and use Evernote. We dive deep into how she uses Evernote to run her life and business, we share examples of how other people use Evernote and some advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of the tool. …


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  5. The Whistle-Blower Complaint | Penguin Random House Audio

    Listen to The Whistle-Blower Complaint Released by the House Intelligence Committee, 9/26/2019


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  6. Week 2 — Derekh

    Welcome to the second week of my month-long writing workshop for Elul. If you’re just joining in now, you might want to look at and listen to last week’s post to get oriented (see below for Week 1). If you began your participation last week, I hope that your writing went well and that you managed to



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  7. ‎Techmeme Ride Home: iPhone Event Debrief With John Voorhees of MacStories on Apple Podcasts

    ‎We had the big iPhone announcement this week, so to break it down, our good friend at MacStories, John Voorhees is here to dive into… why so much backlash to this event? Was it boring? What did we actually get from Santa Tim? And why we might look back at this as the pivot point where Apple events c…


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  8. Fusion #26: Picking a New Notebook, with Aleen Simms and Casey Liss - Relay FM

    Apple’s recent re-working of the MacBook family has left Aleen and Casey with some questions.


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  9. WWDC 2019

    Ken Case, CEO; Tim Wood, CTO; and Tim Ekl, OmniFocus Engineer join the show to talk about what we learned at WWDC. What’s cool? What’s amazingly cool? What’s useful? And — the annual question — just how much work do we have to do this summer?


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  10. Episode 116: Notes in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John start a series of episodes on the new and updated apps coming to iOS and macOS Catalina in the fall starting with Notes.


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