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  1. Omni Roadmap, July 2022

    Ken Case, CEO, joins the show to break down his post-WWDC 2022 Roadmap.

    What’s the latest? What’s amazingly cool? And — the annual question — just how much work will we be doing this summer?

    With continual OmniFocus 4 progress, OmniFocus for the Web updates, single sign-on (SSO) authentication for enterprise customers, and more - there’s plenty of exciting stuff to talk about.

    (And thankfully, nothing announced at WWDC 2022 derails the current OmniFocus 4 milestones already accomplished.)


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  2. 20. “My wife is going to divorce me unless I can stop being so cheap” - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Charles and his wife, Michelle, are worth $10 million. He earns over $2 million every year — but Michelle is on the brink of divorcing him because he’s so cheap. They’ve been married for 21 years and she’s sick of waiting to see if things will ever change. Charles realizes he needs help, but whenever we start to talk about money, he reverts back to old invisible scripts. This is a haunting, complex episode involving money psychology, relationships, and trust.


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  3. 21. Part 2: “I want to trust my wife with our money, but what if she blows everything?” - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Part two with Charles and his wife, Michelle, who are worth $10 million and have spent 21 years arguing over money. He’s cheap, she’s sick of it. This is their last chance to conquer the scarcity mindset that is putting their future on the line.


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  4. 1Password is all in on its web stack with Mitch Cohen & Andrew Beyer (The Changelog #468) |> Changelog

    This week we’re bringing JS Party to The Changelog — Mitch and Andrew from the 1Password team talk with Amal and Nick about the company’s transition to Electron and web technologies, and how the company utilized its existing web stack to shape the future of its desktop experience.


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