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  1. Jon Snook Takes CSS3 Seriously

    Carl and Richard talk to Jonathan Snook about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Jon is a designer and developer, which makes him a rare creature indeed. He talks about the history and role of CSS in web development and how CSS3 makes significant strides in equalizing design and layout between browsers.

    .NET Rocks! is a weekly Internet audio talk show for .NET Developers.


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  2. Rachel Andrew — Core CSS3

    This ses sion will be a solid intro duc tion to CSS3 by way of prac ti cal exam ples that can get you started using CSS3 on your projects today.

    Rachel Andrew will take you through some of the core fea tures of CSS3 includ ing advanced selec tors, media queries and other fea tures that are being devel oped and start ing to be imple mented in browsers.

    In addi tion to dis cov er ing how CSS3 will change the way that we develop in the future we will explore cur rent and upcom ing browser sup port. We will also see how it is pos­si ble to start using some of CSS3 in your projects now, with the help of a lit tle JavaScript to plug the holes in cur rent browsers.

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  3. CSS3 Design with HTML5

    As HTML5 and CSS3 gets written, browser vendors are already incorporating their new features allowing for greater design and functionality. However, some major browsers haven't. How should developers build for a constantly moving target? This panel discusses dealing with those older browsers and embracing new Web design technologies with practical HTML5 and CSS3 demonstrations.


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  4. Jeffrey Zeldman’s Awesome Internet Design Panel

    He brought us The Web Standards Project, A List Apart, Designing With Web Standards, A Book Apart, and so much more. Now legendary blogger, designer, and creative gadfly Jeffrey Zeldman brings us a SXSW panel. There will be discussion. There will be special guests. Quotable insights will fly faster than your fingers can peck them into Twitterific. Combustible wit will fill the room. And in the end, we'll all be a little wiser than we were.

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  5. “Cure for the Common Font” — A Web Designer’s Introduction to Typeface Selection

    Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge (and delight) of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we thought it’s a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices.


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  6. Merlin Mann – Webstock interview

    Mike Brown from Webstock interviewed Merlin Mann. Well, not so much an interview as a conversation. Ok, so, not so much a conversation as Merlin talking and Mike valiantly saying ‘yes’ and ‘good’ and ‘cool’ on occasion :)

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