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  1. Minister of Information

    Edward Tufte is perhaps the country’s foremost evangelist for the clean, clear and rich presentation of complex information. The Obama administration’s stimulus package is flooding the economy with 787 billion dollars for employment and public works projects. Put the two together, as Obama did earlier this month when he nominated Tufte for the stimulus advisory board with the hopes that the public will have a fighting chance of understanding where the stimulus money went and what it’s doing.

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  2. Tranquera 115

    Benga “Comb 60s” Planet Mu (2006) Vex’d “Pop Pop VIP” Planet Mu (2005) Emalkay “Bats In The Belfry” Boka (2006) Pinch “Chamber Dub” Soul Jazz (2008) MRK1 “Never Warned” Contagious (2007) Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate “Dead Man Walking VIP” Tyke (2006) Distance “Ska” Planet Mu (2007) Likhan “U Will” 7even (2008) Geiom “Auxology” Berkane Sol (2007) Geiom “Shock On The Rocks” Berkane Sol (2006) Geiom feat. Khalid “Zalim Maar Daala” Berkane Sol (2007) Benga “Electro Scratch” Ringo (2008) Quest “The Seafront” Deep Medi (2008) Distance “Traffic” Planet Mu (2006)


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  3. The Bestiary

    Once upon a time people believed the world was populated with terrible monsters and fabulous mythical beasts. They thought if they just searched long enough and hard enough, they’d find them. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, the mythical beasts of folktale and legend, and the modern researchers who are still hunting for them. Tales of sea serpents, lake monsters, and abominable snowmen.


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